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Your Honor 2020 Hindi Full Movie Download. This show is amazing Well paced character development throughout the entire drama. The ending makes sense and wraps everything up neatly. Great drama to watch if you’re getting into Dramas or just for fun. Completely wholesome and enjoyable to watch. 9/10 if I’m being completely honest just because I wished there was a bit more story between the male lead and Kwon Nara. Definitely recommend this to anyone and can be re watched many times as well.

Your Honor Full Movie in Hindi

For me, this drama had the perfect ending, kang ho and so eun finally after a roller coaster of emotions were reunited and everything was wrapped up perfectly, the hyung for the first time acted like a hyung and kang ho is no more unproductive and wasted which shows how love can change people for good.

The pervy prosecutor didn’t get his way of course, i think he should be more punished though cuz he is nothing but bad, BAD but it was refreshing to see the same actor working alongside yoon shi yoon once more in Psychopath Diary as his trusted accomplice. Anyway there’s a loose end though.

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The brothers grew apart because they competed for their mothers’ love but none of them seem to really care for her like they never had any moments of bonding, or any affectionate scenes between them, the mother was always hitting king ho (most unfair) and trying to make so ho eat all sorts of food. But the rest was wrapped up really nicely and i loved this drama, one of those dramas that actually gives a really good message.

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It is the best Web series not resorting to any popular cult depiction but to the moral conflict in the mind of Father son duo. Their strained relationship is justified towards the end. It is surprising that even in these days of market driven entertainment such a high literary series has been made and it is getting good response too. This proves that one can attempt to achieve difficult ideals against all odds if one does it with enough creativity.

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