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X The Theme Free download: Cornerstone will not download when I log in. It says ”Downloading install package from tgmpa-install-plugins…Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

X The theme nulled : Just found out that the version I downloaded from here in Jan2014 and installed was old (v1.6.0) which is why I’m missing functionality that comes with the new version v1.7.4.

X The theme download: Where can I download the new version from now? The download I just did is zip 5871901 – I can’t see anywhere if this contains version v1.7.4

X The wordpress theme free download: The item purchase code, however, cannot be found. When I click on the download button next to the x-ultimate wordpress theme download in my themeforest account, it just downloads the 72mb file. I am not given an option to download the the license certificate. Where can I find my code?

X The wordpress theme nulled : when you click on the Download button a dropdown appears and the 3rd item in that dropdown is the license key. If you can’t find that dropdown or it really is not visible then please use our contact form on our author page and send us an email and we will create a custom account for you so you get access to everything. Hope this helps.

When you download X you get two options.

You can download the main package or the “Installable Theme Files”. If you download the main package it includes other resources like documentation and copies of all the included Extensions. The “x.zip” file found in that main package is identical to the installable zip download. This is the file that you want to upload to WordPress when installing the theme.

newspaper wordpress theme nulled: Why are almost all the files in my Theme X zipped? I can’t seem to upload it to wordpress. Maybe because of this? First i tried to upload it, but the file was too large as i expected. After that, I placed the theme in my wordpress file. Then I went over to the wordpress dashboard to check if theme X was there. Unfortunately it stated that the stylesheet of my theme didn’t exist. Do you know why this is happening? I have very little knowledge about themes etc.

On the cusp of purchasing your theme. NEVER worked on a website from scratch but had one created in drupal that I am somewhat familiar with. First question: when purchasing X, does Woo Commerce come bundled with the download of your theme? I need Woo Commerce and was wondering if I have to download it separately. Second, do you provide basic videos on how to download and install the theme on the server in my account with the internet provider? Word Press is already downloaded and installed. I really would like a step by step on how to get it up and running. Very excited but a little anxious.

We all have to start somewhere 🙂 Happy to help along the journey…

1) WooCommerce is a separate, free plugin. We simply provide the styling for it once activated.

2) Yes, we provide detailed video and written documentation in our member area.










X  The Theme Free download


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