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SmackDown has always been one of the best wrestling shows in professional wrestling history I’ve watched. It may not be as good as it was before, but everything it had established and built up for over 20 years are the things we tend to look back on the most. Stars like Kurt Angle, John Cena, and The Undertaker all made what it is today to give people like “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, King Baron Corbin, and Roman Reigns a chance to continue. May not be the best now, but it’s always been a show that we can look back upon and enjoy.

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Started watching Smackdown in 99 when it had its first one off show on UPN before it was picked up as a weekly show. Really enjoyed it those first few years and the mid 00’s when Heyman was head writer but as of the Fox premiere last fall I’m done!

I’m done with WWE as a whole. I got tired of being pissed off after every show wondering why the hell this company seems to exist in some “twilight zone” universe! Words like Fans,Belt,Strap,TheBusiness,Our Industry,Pro Wrestling,Pro Wrestler,House Show,War,Performance,PerformerDQ,Hospital,Faction,The Title is on the Line,Talent,Interesting,Backstage,Feud and Title Changing Hands. How crazy is it that the words “Pro wrestler” and “pro wrestling ” can’t be mentioned on air during a pro wrestling show?!?! Well let me answer my own question because it isn’t pro wrestling it’s “Sports Entertainment ” but the issue is it isn’t entertaining. Well maybe if you’re a small child.

w w e smackdown live 2020

The Fox premier I thought might be a change but it was only worse because Kofi (who was champion) came out and was literally pinned in less than ten seconds after the bell ringing. As it pertains to Kofi, his win at Mania earlier in the year was an epic moment and much deserved but it didn’t happen by intention. Oh no it only happened because another wrestler…..er “Superstar ” got injured and Kofi was inserted into a muliti man match and after that he became over like rover and the crowd made it impossible not to book him in a fued with Daniel Bryan. Same with Becky Lynch. She wasn’t supposed to get over as a face but she did. Vince tried to book her as a heel but again he was out of touch with the fans.

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Two of the hottest things to happen in WWE in 2018 were comple accidents. That should tell you something! Don’t even get me started on how bad they bungled a ready made hot fued in Lynch and Rhonda Rousey! The Raw after The Man won the Rumple her and Rousey were in the ring face to face and the crowd was electric! So you’d think they’d have some great narratives ready to go to take them into Wrestlemainia 2019 for the woman’s first main event of Mainia but no. We got a convoluted mess with Charlotte thrown in for god knows why. Watering down a white hot fued. Then Bex was suspended, then she wasn’t, then suspended then she wasn’t. Her knee was hurt then it wasn’t and by the time the match got here it had lost so much steam and anticipation.

I’m as damned done with the D as I’ve ever been with anything! Thank got for AEW and NJPW.

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