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This is a film that tried to be as weird, whimsical and quirky as possible but miserably failed. This is a film that tries to be a bit of everything and ended up being nothing. The main problem isn’t that it tries. The problem is that it tries too hard. To be something which it isn’t because of which there is no particular flow to this film. Everything happens suddenly and randomly.

What are the Odds Full Movie in Hindi Download Free

The storyline with Abhay Deol generated some mild interest in the film for me but then soon it was rushed and the focus of the film once again shifted. The lead actors were good but it’s not their fault that they couldn’t make this work. Most of the film is a load of nonsense. It’s as if the film is high on something but the drug was not enough to make it as trippy as the film needed to be to work.

What are the Odds Full Movie Watching Online Free

There is no element of comedy as well, making this silliness almost unbearable to watch. The director didn’t do a good enough job to atleast make it watchable (for the most parts). And when you think something will happen, nothing happens. What are the odds that a film comprising a talking fish, a tree man, a creator of art a bar full of managers, a man pissing on plants, a dancing group and a smile will be good? A huge disappointment.

What are the Odds? 2020 Full Movie Download Review

Is a departure from the trite. The realism in style, lyricism in dialogue and the humor filled characters create this chaotic mess of what it means to be young. Vivek with her rebellious and eccentric ways is a poem, no less!
Gave me such hope and promise in these uncertain times. A Bollywood film finds me hope in a summer afternoon.

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