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Unlock 2020 Hindi Full Download 720p: Malkovich is sleepwalking his way to a paycheck in this movie. It was a little creepy at the end when he asks the protagonist if she wants to get a cup of coffee after she just slashed a guy’s femoral artery.

That was I think the high point of this disappointing film. For such big name talent in this picture you would imagine it would be decent or entertaining.

It is not really even that level of a movie. Life is too short. Why did I watch this? It was a waste of my time. I am in some way trying to redeem my soul by writing this review and sparing others such a waste of this precious elixir called life, which you should not throw away so casually on the couch watching movies instead of LIVING and especially not by watching this lukewarm concoction of a film.

I think some people are being a bit harsh on this film, I understand what they might mean because of the casting, expecting more but in saying that I thought the film was good, it’s a easy to watch action movie, cast was good, always a pleasure to watch Malkovich, Douglas look’s amazing for his age and it’s good to see he hasn’t lost his touch.

I quite enjoyed seeing Bloom in a different type of carractor, and I’m sorry I can’t remember her name but she look’s amazing and has came a long way since Muriel’s Wedding, for me it’s a easy 6.5/10

A movie with this sort of story I don’t expect mind blowing stuff most of the movie’s that have those type’s of lines tend to all have betrayal, threats, corruption typical plots.
Overall 6/10 good movie.

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