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This movie is one of the most creative & colorful movie. The songs in this movie were groovy and even made me dance along most of the time. The actors sweet the characters excellent well, and my family enjoyed seeing this movie. The visuals were very imaginative for each of the different kingdoms, which is something I enjoy a lot, like Techno trolls being mermaids underwater, or the Funk trolls living in a electronic- sort of based area.

Trolls World Tour 2020 Full Movie

I have also got to say that it is easier to follow the characters in their journeys to either save the world or discover more about what’s past the Pop Kingdom. The fact that they even added more musical genres such as Reggaeton and K-Pop brought more enthusiasm for me as I watched this movie. I really enjoyed this sequel, and I am willing to see more great movies like this.

Trolls World Tour was an amazing movie! Before I start my main points, here is a plus: You don’t have to watch the first movie to watch this movie. Before my family started watching, I explained everything that happened in the first movie and soon realized I didn’t need to. Now, although the movie was good I was a little confused why it had nothing to do with the first, but it’s fine.

Trolls World Tour 2020 English Subtitles

Anyways, this movie really brings positives vibes and takes away all quarantine blues. The message was good and is enjoyable for the whole family. I love how the K-Pop trolls sing in Korean and the Reggae trolls sing in Spanish.

I actually liked the soundtrack from this movie better because it had many different genres: funk, pop, rock, country, reggae, K-Pop, yodel, and many more. Overall this movie is great and is very fun to watch with your family!

I loved this movie. I give it 6/5 stars. The recent 2020 release Trolls world tour will exceed if not obliterate any expectations you may have had. It will leave you wanting, scratch that, NEEDING more. Regardless of not being postponed, leaving the movie with little to no competition the quality was not compromised in the slightest.

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In fact it provided the audience with a beyond belief complex plot. For starters, The music (as many teens now a days say) hit the spot. For one, my ears did not bleed when I listed to the country music, this says a lot considering I was born and raised in California. Not to mention, the film incorporates many different kinds of music including but not limited to: reggaeton, K pop, and even yodeling. It allows anyone and everyone to see themselves as a troll. Being able to relate the plot to their own life adds that much more to the movie.

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Furthermore, the movie addresses multiple real-life issues in society today setting a good example for generations to come. This puts the younger generations on the right path to bing the change everyone needs. Besides there are so many subplots incorporated, all providing different yet equally important morals. For example King Quincy verbatim says “denying our differences is denying the truth of who we are” this quote in and of itself says so much about the movie and all the good it will bring to anyone who watches it.

Moreover, it is also a love story with more than one near death experience that kept me at the edge of my seat. I am sure or shall I say certain, positive, convinced, confident, decided that it will do the same for you. The spectacular DreamWorks film is as relatable as it is star-studded. Overall Trolls World Tour truly provides an unmatched level of entertainment for all age groups. Period.

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