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Time to Hunt 2020 Full Movie Download. Excellent movie and I hope there is a sequel. Movies premise is mostly focused on a group of young men who press their luck after committing a high stakes robbery that compels the gang running the Casino they robbed to dispatch probably one of the deadliest hitmen there is.

If the movie did well then we can hope on seeing a sequel that would focus on; MINOR SPOILER: the main character returning to enact his revenge against the hitman and possibly the gang that employed him. We are left wondering by the end of the movie what did happen to the main characters last known surviving friend. Was he captured and killed by the gang they robbed after they found out his identity, or was he killed by the notorious hitman himself.

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If there is a second movie in the future I feel all these questions will be answered including what’s on everyone’s mind on who is the mysterious hitman that no one seems to know about throughout the movie except that everyone who knows his line of work fears him.

Definitely a very good movie to watch. High on brilliantly shot cat and mouse chase action sequences that will keep you hooked till the end ,though the take off is a bit slow. Editing out a few scenes here and there would have made the movie shorter and even more crisp. Overall it is worth your time. Watch it.

Time To Hunt During Full Movie HD

Time to Hunt is a stylish action thriller that serves you with plenty of action and thrills till the final moment. Although the plot is simple and it didn’t really need to be this long, the film’s colorful visuals, strong performances, suspenseful atmosphere and exhilarating action sequences are more than enough to compensate for that.

After checking it out on Netflix just minutes ago, I found myself totally entertained and exhausted at the same time. It felt like an immersive experience and had a lot of Hollywood vibes to it. In simple, despite the plot being stretched a bit due to its attempt to balance the heist and chase plots, it still feels grounded, balanced and entertaining. Strongly recommended for action thriller fans who also appreciate stylish and artistic visuals.

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Really enjoyed this movie. I was hooked from the start till the end.
Tells us about friendship and hardships. The actors were all amazing. I was moved by Park Hae Soo who plays the villain. The ending wasn’t properly explained because we don’t know what happened to Choi Woo Sik but perhaps there will be a part 2 and I hope there will be. Overall, brilliant movie.

Excellent movie starring some of Korea’s finest actors. It’s a thriller and you will fall in love with three of the thieves. They started off as teens in a world of nothing. But the courage they developed was absolutely awesome. I am waiting for a sequel. This is definitely worth watching. This is so much better than Parasite.

I walked into this movie without knowing a single detail about it. No trailer, no description, nothing… and i gotta say… Whoa.

This is quite possibly the best movie i’ve seen in a really long time. The characters, locations, acting, suspense… Everything was perfect.

I dont want to give any details. Just give it a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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