They Reach 2020 Full Movie Download

Ok. First the trailer started off as coming of age , then slid into horror & then they merged together. I will watch this coming of horror movie.

This is so intriguing I saw some comments of there being more then one plot not sure how they missed the idea that things in the story obviously go from normal life to supernatural life threatening! But that’s ok if they are a bit slow I for one can’t wait to see it!

A real mixed bag this trailer. I saw everything from witchcraft to zombies to possession in there. Hopefully the movie isn’t the big jumble the trailer makes it look like. We shall see.

They Reach 2020 Full Movie Download

Wow… the dialogue particularly from the young ‘actors’ has almost no emotion lol. Like they’re being terrorised by something supernatural and they’re all just talking in an emo monotone.

This looks like it might be one of those horror stories where the knowledge of a monsters existence creates more fear than actually seeing it. Some of the scariest movies were written that way.

Amazing effects for an obviously low budget film. The acting looks good and the story looks interesting. Definitely watching.

can someone tell me if this movie good or bad cause im having trust issues on imdb’s rating and i dont want to waste 1hr 27mins of my precious life watching some overated movie.

This looks like one of those movies that are great all the way up to the final 5 minutes and it gets ruined by some ambiguously, artsy, bullshit ending. I hope that isn’t the case and there are resolutions and answers, because this looks like a decent flick

Yall gripe when the trailer shows too much of the movie, and you gripe when you don’t know what the hell is going on in the trailer but you’re blown away by the gore and effects….can’t please everyone. Smh

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