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The Way Back 2020 Full Movie Download. Great movie! Definitely a great night out. Dont think I ever saw Al Madrigal before but he was excellent in this movie. Thumbs up for Affleck. Hope and pray his troubles are far behind him. Fame is a monster for people trying to recover from substance abuse issues.

In the best performance of his career, Ben Affleck tells a story of a son and father dealing with great personal trauma and loss, suffering through his inability to deal with it – choosing alcohol to dull and suppress the pain.

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It’s a well told story of the darkest moments and the struggle to find healing among family, friends realizing it requires a calling from within to live up to being our best selves – – which he achieves. His emotional portrayal is honest, intense and appears to come from deep inside.

Writing, direction, cinematography, editing, settings and musical score are wonderfully synchronized – simple – direct – and very personal taking the viewer close-in and a part of the story…it has documentary-like realness – rare for Hollywood…it is cinema magic. The rest of the cast are “perfectly selected” and also as real as imaginabl.

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Ben’s had a lot of controversy in his life recently, I couldn’t help but imagine that this was very personal and soul exposing for him. His portrayal and the theme of this movie are both redeeming and may give him the second chance he has worked to realize. This is a very good movie.

There is something about how life is random and the destruction that follows in the wake of trauma is raw and Universal. Ben’s character seems more and more human as the movie progresses.

Instead of taking it as a movie about sports or trauma it would be better to see it as a personal struggle and growing that follows for a person who is open to change. Ben’s shame is never explicitly shown but the way he is defensive about his life is very realistic.

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It was also very sad to see him pushing everyone away due to that. It was a much better movie than all of his past works that I have seen.

Very good movie! I’m a coach with years of experience in both Public school and private schools. This can basically be called a Cinderella story meets reality TV movie. Yes good coaches can turn a team around in one season and skilled coaches can also have personal issues that interfere with their jobs. It’s good go see it.

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