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The Turning 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie was very well in my opinion. At first i was confused after watching it but then it came back to me once i figured out what it was about. The ending is what got a lot of people mad i guess you can say because it did leave us off on a cliff hanger.

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I feel as if they may make a part 2. But overall the way the characters acted was amazing. It wasn’t the most scariest, it had elements of a scary movie, very little jump scares, but there was still parts of the movie, just the littlest things that would scare you. Overall i enjoyed my movie experience, and I think you just need to go to the movies with an open mind with The Turning. And put one and one together at the end to understand.

This movie, to me, is a work of psychological magic. It leaves you in the edge of your seat.

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It’s the kind of film that allows you to piece together everything and puzzle over events in your own light, and in that sense sort of develop your own view on it. It causes the gears in your mind to turn, and gets you thinking overall. The twists and turns can be all the more enveloping if you are open to them, and are willing to, in a sense, follow the characters down that dark hallway. By figuring out your own thoughts on the different parts of the plot, and therefore, understanding it in your own light, you feel more connected to the plotline.

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The atmosphere was perfect for the movie, giving an eerie and desolate feeling where it was most needed. The actors did a spectacular job, and I felt like the emotion of the scenes were portrayed in such a way that made you feel all the more a part of the film.

Overall, an amazing film. 10/10. It is one of those films that I would, in all honesty, own and watch again, and I feel like there aren’t enough films like that lately.

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