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I actually really loved this film, and was watching it rather critically. I’m not easily impressed, but I found Blake’s performance and the quiet build up of the story to be quite good. The way she struggles to complete aspects of her “missions” felt relatable, honestly; most of us would fall on our faces hard if we were in her shoes. There were a handful of plot issues, but they were easily pieced together; I do wish they had taken a bit more time to explore them.

The Rhythm Section 2020 full movie

Regardless, I’m not sure why there were such terrible reviews for this film, but I’m glad I ignored them. Just…be patient, people. I love Marvel and James Bond just as much as the next person; let this be its own story!

Blake Lively’s performance is terrific and this movie smartly puts the focus on her character’s journey from the gutter of grief to the pinnacle of retribution. Even the car chase scene tosses aside conventional film making techniques and puts you next to her character through the entire action sequence.
While the Jason Bourne movies featured the storytelling from his perspective; those movies would quickly slip back to more traditional film techiques during stunt sequences. Rhythym Section keeps us close to Stephanie (Blake) from beginning to end. Allowing us to share in her hoplessness, grief, frustration, anger, shock, and ultimate satisfaction.

The Rhythm Section 2020 film

I personally enjoyed this film. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the mixed reviews. Blake Lively and Jude law are amazing in this. The scenery and music was superb as well. In regards to the storyline, I thought they did a good job of giving back story and understanding of her training before taking action for revenge. I also enjoyed the twist at the end. I would recommend this movie!

Saw the film just yesterday. it’s a fantastic movie blake lively and Jude Law played both very intresting charters and very well. there are parts of the movie where I thought it’s actually better than the bond movies and I love the twisted ending to rythem section. Just a fantastic story.

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