The Rental 2020 Full Movie Download HD

This looks great and very well done in all film categories. From acting, cinematography, directing, and many more. Cant wait to check it out and props to Dave Franco directing this. Hes only directed little things and this is his first big directed movie I think. But it sure looks like it delivers real well.

Movie Info:

Director: Dave Franco
Distributed by: IFC Films
Music composed by: Saunder Jurriaans
Producers: Dave Franco, Joe Swanberg, Ben Stillman, Teddy Schwarzman, Elizabeth Haggard, Christopher Storer

So, got a story for y’all. A similar story like this happened to some friends of my dad. A couple rented a home in upstate NY and the woman found out that the mirror in the shower was a 2 way mirror. She ended up finding finding a hidden room that had a chair and an opened soda can. The soda can was still cold and had sweat on it which means the land lord was just there. The landlord had gone on vacation before she told her boyfriend about it. The local authorities arrested the guy as soon as he returned.

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