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This movie was excellent. The storyline was excellent. Multiple layers of the complexity of African-American love & relationships. I dare say relationships period. Excellent representation of families, careers and life without stereotypes. Excellent connection of Southern and Northern life for African Americans without focusing solely on racial issues. Life happens. Dreams happen. This movie gets it.

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Excellent music. The score and the throwback to the 80’s was awesome. Very good cinematography. The scenes were well shot. From beginning to end, excellent acting. This was no make-believe, fantasy island type story. Each actor made their character believable. The chemistry between Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield was natural and believable.

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I loved this movie. I love films, but I don’t go to the theatre as much because usually, the quality of the story is not worth paying the money, but this was worth it. Finally, Lakeith Stanfield was excellent. No actor, I mean none have pulled off expressing African American male vulnerability in a relationship as well as he did. He gave those little nuances which sealed the emotion without being overt. Mr. Stanfield excellent work. GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

Movie was such a breath of fresh air! Loved every single moment. Cast was priceless black love.

The Photograph 2020 Full Movie Download Review

After watching this movie, yet again, I had to come back and edit this comment. THANK YOU Issa, Fellow Actors, and every staff member involved in this Masterpiece! We as African Americans are not blessed with realistic, unproblematic storylines and with visuals of our essence that would literally make the Gods jealous .

To the baby father that I wish I had (LaKeith), you are a work of art and make me proud that other young black boys/men can see themselves unashemedly in love with their own beautiful women. The magnetism you and Issa brought to the screen means so much more than just opening night box office numbers. This movie was beautifully done. Again, thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

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