The Lovebirds 2020 Full Movie Download

The Lovebirds 2020 Full Movie Download. I’m in love with this movie! It had me cracking up with tears rolling down my face from beginning to end. The comedic lines are perfectly timed and executed. The chemistry between Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani is refreshing and real. Is it the most unique story line that deserves numerous accolades? Probably not. But neither are most romantic comedies. If you’re looking for a well written and well acted romantic comedy with hilarious lines and great chemistry from the cast, you won’t be disappointed.

The Lovebirds Full Movie Download

I thought this movie was really hilarious! I had to pause the movie a lot because I was laughing too hard. Both Issa and Kumail were both equally hilarious and gave great performances. It was comedy that didn’t rely on being offensive.

Like a lot of romantic comedies, the plot is silly and entertaining. It really refreshing to see a rom-com where POC are the lead characters but race is not the driving point of the plot. Really entertaining — would definitely recommend!

I absolutely enjoyed watching this movie, if only for Issa Rae’s facial expressions. It is a definitely a cute date movie to enjoy with a glass of wine or cold beer. The plot and the twist are not realistic but the main characters make it humorous. Issa Rae is an amazing actress. This is a must see movie.

The Lovebirds Movie

When a movie whips out the idiot ball and starts dribbling it down the court in the first few minutes of screen time, as “The Lovebirds” does, it’s generally time to bail. I didn’t bail on “The Lovebirds” because I think Khumail Nanjani is a funny guy. And he is. But it was a mistake not to bail. This movie never got smarter. It’s the sort of film where you keep wanting the main characters to do some simple, obvious thing, but nooooo, they keep doing one stupid thing after another. I didn’t finish the movie, and by the time I quit watching I was definitely OK with the bad guys killing the romantic leads.

Two stars for good acting by the leads, they do great work, but really Mr. Nanjani, you’re better than this, or should be.

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