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The Kissing Booth 2 2020 Full Movie Dual Audio Download. The movie was in one word okay, I liked it but was not wowed by it unlike the first. The good thing was that they maintained continuity but still refrained from repetitiveness. The characters had retained their respective personalities but there was clear focus on the central leads.

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They skillfully did not overplay Ellie-Noah relation and brought freshness with a new character Marco. I initially disliked Marco being so cliche but gradually he builds on you but clearly Noah had a much larger impact in KB 1 which Marco is not able to recreate that’s why perhaps i was biased for Noah in this part too when his role clearly was just an extended cameo. Jacob Elordi was naturally not excited about this film as his role in KB2 will not get him anywhere.

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He has grown much bigger than playing such roles. He has looked although as gorgeous as ever which somehow makes Marco look paler. The end was very pleasant though when Ellie once again made a tough choice as in the prequel. Her deep love for Noah was evident throughout the part 2 when she was missing him desperately despite her assumptions of the relationship not going anywhere once it becomes long distance.

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She had always doubted it in part 1 itself considering the player image Noah carried but surprisingly he had shown unexpected maturity in his relationship with Ellie. My favorites in this movie were Ellie and Lee again. Their friendship was above everything and everyone.

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It was great. Lee and Ellis acting chemistry is amazing. The actors are generally good all round. I don’t know if it’s just me though but were y’all that raunchy in high school? Also someone mentioned that them pushing the concept of “the one” is a damaging example to their young fans. I would have picked Marco.

Hell, in real life i picked my Marco over my Noah and it was the best thing i ever did for myself, but life has no formula, right? As entertainment on a Friday night it’s great, but i don’t think we should take it seriously on the life lessons bit. And lastly…yet another sequel seems to be lined up. They are playing with fire. Two part teen flicks are already a gamble as is but guess we’ll see.

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