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The Half of It 2020 Full Movie Download. This film was an absolutely phenomenal master-class act. I cannot express how much this film in all of it’s complexities and layers is such a product and beauty of its time/ so spoilers ahead.

This film is fantastic. It intertwines love, friendship, the journey that is life and so many complex issues which are discovered through the multiple layers of this film. It deals with numerous social issues and questions on our society. I love the pace of this film, it isn’t a fast-paced action movie but it has a comfortable pace which peels off layer by layer the amazing plot. Definitely one to watch late at night to get you thinking about yourself and where you are in life, what you want and the relationships with the people around you. I’m amazed that this was a Netflix original because it was so good! Other Netflix films like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and others DO NOT live up to this. Somehow the director made me feel comfortable and safe in this plot and that I too could do anything and that the mundane life of high school and being a teenager was not all there was to life and to experience the little things that a coming of age film would share. Defintely watch this.

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I honestly love this movie. The movie touches upon current issues in American society that aren’t really seen in modern film. Some problems include the debate on whether homosexuality is a sin, the representation of how immigrants and those with “unique” names are treated, and there are even scenes where Ellie, the main character, faces bullying. Even the way the movie ends is heartwarming and leaves you satisfied.

The Directing: Alice’s Wu is by far an all aces-queen when it came to this film’s directorial style. Every. Single. Shot. Had depth and meaning behind it. From the very beginning we’re gifted a beautiful mixed animation piece depicting the Plato’s take on soulmates- throughout the film we’re gifted nuances little visual anecdotes to the piece as we see Ellie and Paul or Ellie and Aster positioned in a way where they seem to fit or split like puzzle pieces. In addition each character is enveloped in their own world – that brings so much depth and focus to them.

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Ellie Chu’s Father: Throughout the entire movie we witness Mr. Chu stay in the comfort of his own house- his outfit remains the same, his attitude and minimal efforts to talk to Ellie also remain the same as we see him more of a wall or a ghost Ellie tries to talk to. It’s not until Mr. Chu has a heart to heart – more through the beauty emotions being exchanged between Mr. Chu and Paul – does Mr. Chu begin to realize his faults, his consistent denial to face reality. It’s beautiful at the ending where he has a heart to heart with his daughter – the beauty and simplicity of the very short one lined exchange between the two is so deep and heartfelt + at the end symbolically we see Mr. Chu change into new clothes- he’s shed his misery and has stepped outside of his grief and has learned to move on.
Aster Flores: From the get go we’re shown what a wildflower Flores is, from her hair to her desire to meet someone like her – she’s a canvas who’s fearful of drawing out that last final brush stroke. I loved how Wu encompasses Flores as someone who doesn’t desire to be this glorified love interest but someone who desires to be heard. She understands her beauty and the advantage she has with society and moreover she knows the pros and cons of accepting her “what she assumes is” her assigned role/fate in life rather than go out there and explore who she could be. Her name means Light Flower (rough translation) – this reflecting her character’s situational position being this girl who’s picked from the fields due to her beauty only to be admired in a glass vase before her youth withers and dies. I liked how Alice also tied in colors of red around Aster to symbolize her as the love both Paul and Ellie see her has.

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