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This movie sneaks up on you like a fox watching some chipmunks and gives chase to another molehole that can’t wait to break open to an eagles nest! It is captivating once you get over the crude word I’m sure the English think is a slam, but being a woman, it isn’t that funny. The laughs really start coming often about 2/3 into it; and it from there it is letting you know there is more there than you thought possible. All in all, I think it’s one of Richie’s best. Hugh Grant does a great job and you can never tell who’s side he’s on. So many questions and the answers are in another ballpark! Go see for yourself when you want a lift.

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Excellent film. Yes it is typical Guy Richie stuff but you can’t help but enjoy the Richie Ride again. Some Film Buffs have been critical of this film for its perceived stereotypes, but they are old fashioned views and merely illustrate the “Snowflake ” image that so called professional critics want you to believe, thus devaluing it with the accusation of unnecessary racism.. A film isn’t a film If you Sugar Coat it and the script portrays a down to earth and comedic script coupled with a clever plot throughout. Hugh Grant is outstanding in this, as are the whole cast. Well worth the watch and definitely classic GR at his very best.

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This is perhaps my first adult experience of a Guy Ritchie film and boy am I mind blown. Witty, Well Paced and Well put together. The characters come to life so clearly and Matthew’s acting is brilliant. Got to see three actors in three different lights than I’ve ever imagined I could see them. Hugh Grant was perfect for the in movie narrator. Dunham played his tough guy/Sweet right hand part beautifully.

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