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The Devil All the Time 2020 Full Movie Download. Great movie. Love, loss, and the inevitable hereditary patterns we follow are all themes that carry throughout the entire film. Holland, Patterson, and Skarsgard (hell the entire cast, really) gave an exceptional performance. I completely forgot that this was a Netflix Original, and feel that this movie is easily comparable to your favorite Coen brother’s film.

You spend the majority of your time rooting for Holland’s character, the singular hero of the story, whom ironically is the only overtly non-religeous person shown on screen. “The (appropriately titled) Devil All the Time” stands out in my mind as one of the best films of 2020.

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This film was INSANELY GOOD. Robert Patterson stole the show and I kept forgetting he wasn’t one of the main characters. His performance stuck out the most. Tom Holland does a 180 from Spiderman in this film, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t think of him as Spiderman at all.

It’s often difficult to see an actor as a fresh character once they are “typecast” as one character, but Tom was able to make me see someone completely new and to simply focus on Arvin. I didn’t go “Oh look it’s Tom Holland from Spider Man.” I was like “This is Arvin Russel.”

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Sebastian Stan was also really good in this, though his screen time was pretty limited unfortunately. The stereotypical dirty cop is pretty overdone in films by this point, and the writing for his character was a disgrace to law enforcement as that is not at all a realistic portrayal of what the men and women in blue are really like, but alas it is just a film and the town it’s set in is supposed to be filled with corrupt characters.

The Devil All the Time Full Movie in Hindi Download Review

Awesome film. When I initially saw it was 2+ hours I was kind of turned off as I expected it to be just another drawn out film with some unsettling artistic meaning- but it wasn’t! There was never a dull moment throughout the entire run time.

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The time hops and different story-lines were especially alluring (especially for those with short attention spans like me). If you’re debating watching this film please do it! there are so many circumstances portrayed in the film which will leave you many philosophical questions.

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