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The Aeronauts Full Movie Free Download 720p in hindi . Just so everyone reading this knows, The Aeronauts film based off a true story, but the character of Amelia Wren played by Felicia Day is fictional. Henry Tracey Coxwell saved the life of James Glaisher by landing the balloon after Glaisher passed out from Oxygen deprivation, and the hero of this story is being airbrushed out of his own story.

There were such a large number of achieved female researchers in late 1800s who battled gigantically to get where they were. Why not make motion pictures about them rather thoroughly supplanting a male character with a female one just to make it progressively significant and totally brushing over the brightness and grit of Henry Coxwell?

This looked truly intriguing until kept an eye on the “genuine occasions” that propelled this story… Come to discover, they simply chose to delete a whole individual from history and supplant him with the anecdotal “amelia”.

Film might turn out ok, but it’s disappointing that henry coxwell the real life character has been replaced by a fictional female character.

I hope at least the film acknowledges henry coxwell, maybe in the credits at the end. Probably would have been better to stick to the real story rather than genderswap a major character though.

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