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This movie made an indelible impression on me. Aside from the from the subject, which I thought was presented in a thoughtful, sensitive, realistic way, the colors were beautiful and i was impressed by the cinematography. The way the camera caught the girl’s expressions made her issues seem very real.

I was so glad she was able to use her inner strength to break her attachment to her husband and his family, whom were not healthy for her psyche in any sense. This movie is will stay with me for a long times. I highly recommend it.

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“Swallow” on the surface might appear as outlandish but it is so much more. The movie handles the themes of psychological disorders and unhealthy relationships. Hunter, who is a subject of rape and does things in her life to make her husband happy developed PICA, which is a disorder that makes you eat inedible objects. I really liked how they introduced us to this disorder. I also liked the acting from all actors and Hunter was likeable and I could truly feel her pain. The cinematography was prodigious and the sound editing was amazing as well.

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It is funny that all pro-lifers rate this movie 1-star just because they can’t handle the fact that Hunter aborted her baby. I think in this case, an abortion is justifiable because Hunter is mentally not alright. Her husband is cold and unloving and she needed closure from her past.

As someone who had Pica as a child. It was a very interesting watch. I used to eat dust and dirt because I was so horribly anemic. They thought I had cancer when I was born. So it’s interesting to see a movie on this kind of subject. I felt for the main character and wanted so badly for her to receive affection. I just wanted this character to feel love.

Swallow 2020 Full Movie Download Review

This movie is a prime example about how emptiness can’t just be filled. A marriage, a baby and money can not fill an empty heart. You must heal yourself before you can accept anything else. I hope this movie really helps someone see that.

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