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Survive the Night 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie was predictable and boring but i have seen worse. There are no new twists here. The premise has been done before and better in past movies. The acting was decent, but some of the tertiary actors need to go back to school.

I found myself looking at my fitbit for the time constantly through this movie. Even the ending was predictable. There needed to be more back story on the brothers so that we genuinely cared about their relationship in addition to the hostage family.

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It’s still a lower budget movie, but what they did with it, elevated it. The acting was incredible, especially from the main lead bad guys he really showed a ton of range. The production and cinematography were very good, providing for a very suspenseful settings, and at times creepy surroundings in the home.

If you are a big fan and follower of Bruce you’ll be surprised HE ACTUALLY TURNS IT ON, so if you like tense suspenseful thrillers this is a movie you want to see.

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This cleverly conceived thriller is about a doctor and his family trapped inside a farm by two criminals. The film is very well and the camera work is slick. Bruce has a surprising larger role then I expected as the grandfatherly patriarch and he’s effective enough to keep be engrossed. The rest of cast are admirable. With the stand out being, Shae Buckner who plays a unhinged but sympathetic criminal and does well to add layers to the role.

The single location setting is brought to the fore here by expert claustrophobic direction. The violence is intense, some graphic but never over the top, and completely tense. It’s not a big blow ’em up adventure story, it’s just as dark, gritty, and realistic, in which things never go according to plan and innocent people always get hurt.

Survive the Night 2020 Full Review

Unfortunately, after an engrossing game of cat and mouse, the conclusion is somewhat weak. Staple clich├ęs crop up and the movie goes for a crowd-pleasing finale that doesn’t quite feel right. Still watchable though and a recommended stream.

Everyone has stated that this movie was not great. I state that it has a background story, the suspense, drama, and amazing action. I do recommend this movie.

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