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Superman: Red Son 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie is more heart wrenching than the Titanic and every single tragedy put together.
The character development is very strong with each character staying true to what makes them unique and relatable.

It doesn’t use the fact that it’s a comic book-based movie as an excuse to reduce itself to mere punching and gratuitous explosions. It takes time to show you what motivates each decision. Even as characters make obvious mistakes, you can relate because you can see and understand what pushed them to that point.

Superman: Red Son Movie Animated Movie Download

This “What if” story does not make the mistake that most others in this trope do by creating 2-dimensional characters completely unlike the source material. Despite the variation in decisions you still see that at the foundations these characters are the same as the originals.
This is one of the best comic book movies I have ever watched.

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Great movie. Was very surprised how good this one was. If you’re a fan of the graphic novel this is based on, you will be pleasantly surprised. Kids under 12 shouldn’t watch this one. Tasted perfectly and portrayed brilliantly. DC has it’s strong point in their animated universe and this is easily one of its best installments.The Steel book is nicely crafted with beautiful artwork.

This was actually a good movie. Superman is brought up as a socialist in communist Russia and it takes him 40-50 years to realize that what he believe in and fought for was flawed. In the end Braniac pretended to be destroyed by Superman and pretended to be his servant until the end when Superman realizes that he was wrong and fights alongside president Lex Luthor against Braniac.

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The best superman story I’ve seen in a long long time. Nothing of the predictable good or bad scenario but more of the misguided intentions that makes us all so human. And that’s what I’ve wanted to see for a long time in a movie not invulnerability but the messy, misguided humanity.

A gripping movie through and through. The narration is splendid and the editing is top notch, a Warner bros animation can’t seem to go wrong. Like the movie.. Hope the studio Co tinues to churn out such blockbusters.

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