Suno Sasurji (2020) Hindi Full Movie Free Download 720p

Suno Sasurji (2020) Hindi Full Movie Free Download 720p. Amazing crime series with wistful stories…..what will the son think .. he is betrad…he is cheated……very amazing bold conversation in web series …little fun also.

Movie Info

Directed by: Azaad Bharti
Starring by: Kumari Simran, Pintu Kumar, Amit Kumar, Raman Kumar
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Suno Sasurji Hindi Full Movie Download

First of all this is not just a movie about domestic violence, of course it is trying to send a message but underneath it is actually about relationships, love, how we take each other for granted, how one’s actions may seem inconsequential but might completely change relationships. It was the most subtle nuanced & impactful Indian I’ve yet seen.

Lets start from the beginning which in this case is brilliant. In the opening we see all the characters as couples who are really different, belong to diff worlds and have dissimilar lives we are shown their relationships. It was magical and put a wide smile on my face.

Suno Sasurji (2020) film uses visual storytelling effectively. Anubhav Sinha uses visuals, shots specifically to show change. We completely understand the characters state of mind without them even saying a word just by the visuals of them going about their daily life and that is sue to Sinha’s stellar direction.

Some scenes really stood out to me like the opening, when Amrita is slapped. & when she confronts her mother-in-law and opens up ,expresses herself and says how even though everyone knew what happened was wrong, they told her to move on but nobody told Vikram that what he did was completely wrong and it was only his fault and her mother-in-law agrees she consoles tells her that yes her son was wrong and the whole family watches them talk, this scene made me cry.

Yes Suno Sasurji movie made me cry multiple times but not out of sadness rather due to feeling for the characters and seeing them grow. All the characters are recognizable, they are like the normal people we know and have met.

Unlike many other movies here the men are not painted as villains, they are very real and show significant change by the end. The has exemplary performances by the entire ensemble cast Taapsee, Ratna Pathak Shah, Kumud Mishra, Tanvi Azmi but I was astonished by Geetikh Ohlyan as their maid her performance was beyond words.

Suno Sasur Ji Full Hindi Review 2020


Suno Sasurji (2020) movie is trying to say “A lot of relationships don’t work & the best we can do is to start over from the beginning and be our best selves”.

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