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Star Trek: Picard Dual Audio Download. I really enjoyed this show far more than I thought that I would after reading some extremely negative attacks on YouTube. I never really listen to bad reviews and prefer to make up my own mind, fortunately I was proven right in this case. The show is not without some flaws. It does appear to be a little slow and self indulgent at times, there are an awful lot of characters too and it is hard to follow so many people and so many plot threads at once.

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I also thought that there could have been more threat sustained across each scene rather than focused within specific moments, some of the character development could have been deeper. There is a bit of stereotyping visible with certain characters falling into certain traditional roles, making them feel less realistic.

In some ways Pi-card feels like a warm up for the next two seasons, which have been confirmed. I wonder where they are going to go with this. Patrick Stewart is pretty good, I think he conveys his character pretty well and he is different here than he has been before, slowly dying and not very happy about it. Other characters that I liked included the evil Romulus agent and the Vulcan Commodore, who we saw rather less of.

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I don’t think Brent Sniper came across quite as well as Patrick Stewart, although they do share some powerful moments such as the “Am I dying Data? . Another powerful character based moment comes when Pi-card meets Hugh from TN G’s I, Borg and they talk together, trying to reconcile Pi-card to his treatment at the hands of the Borg. The violence has been upgraded and can be quite shocking.

In terms of individual scenes there a few which will stay with me, the meeting of the Romans to experience the revelation of an ancient message is extremely effective, another humorous scene involving multiple arguing holograms with different personalities stood out as being very good and as being something that Star Trek might not have attempted before.

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I think that this show maybe needs to take a few more risks rather than simply trying to maintain consistency with the past and concluding old plot points. The space flowers were another good idea that was somewhat different. I thought that the Borg cube thread was resolved a little too easily and that a Borg invasion with drones controlled by Seven of Nine would have made for a far more exciting story, but unfortunately they threw that idea away.

Maybe we might see more of the Borg in the future and maybe they will be more of a threat, I certainly hope so. In terms of individual episodes Nepenthe was the one which stood out for me, this felt very humanistic and very Star Trek for much of its length. It was great to see Riker and Troy once again, Jonathan Rakes is good and certainly does not hesitate to tell Pi-card exactly what is on his mind, for me this works very well indeed.

Star Trek: Pi-card Dual Audio Download Review

Thought that the series climax could have been a little more dramatic and ruthless, maybe that will change with future seasons but they chose to go with the idea of Pi-card being a true leader and doing the right thing and saving the day, in some ways this is of course very right and shows that Star Trek even now still believes in certain values.

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