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Spenser Confidential 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie is a treat to watch on a weekend when you don’t wanna put your brains into following the plot. The plot is lazy and isn’t detailed. Mark Wahlberg makes it a cool breeze, it’s enjoyable and there’s some good comedy. Overall, it’s a movie that you can watch when you’re lazing around and have a laugh because come on, it’s Mark Wahlberg.

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Great movie, they better make a second one because that ending was an amazing cliffhanger! love this movie! i will be watching it again just keep in mind who is around when you watch this, as it is a pretty intense movie and has a few scenes that are potentially disturbing and an almost-sex-scene that is explicit enough to make you want to cover the eyes and ears of nearby juveniles if you like cop movies, or rebels gone good you will love this.

This was a good feel good movie. Great cast and definitely loved Spenser’s girlfriend. The movie flowed pretty good, except for the cheesy FBI agents. It helps that they had a great director. Alan Arkin looked definitely younger. This could of been a blockbuster at the box office with a few tweaks. Not sure why it’s getting the few bad reviews. Would love to see a sequel a few years from now.

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I really enjoyed Spencer Confidential. All except Spencer’s girlfriend. Could not possibly be more annoying. I found myself walking away whenever she made an appearance. She really added nothing to the movie. Nothing! Not her fault, but the writers. Everyone else had great sharp lines, and plenty of good humor. But God, was she annoying.

I get the whole “women can do whatever they want” thing, but maybe that should be saved for The Lifetime channel. They eat it up there. She at one star here. would have been 5 stars, if they had given her good lines.

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Good movie Yes this movie does have Mark Whalberg in it but my favorite rap singer Post Malone comes out too. Yes I am a big fan of Post Malone. His music is good. Well yes I do like Mark Whalberg. He had some fights with guys in this movie. But he was able to take down somebody in this movie. Mark Wahlberg is the dude that comes out in the comedy movie with Seth MacFarlane called Ted.

A good movie overall. Missed the quick witted exchanges between hawk and Spenser. Also please if they do a sequel include Susan Silverman. Her calm intellectual contrast is part of what makes Spenser’s tough personality even more endearing. Yes I’ve been a fan of Spenser fan since I was allowed to pick up the books.

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I liked it. I normally dislike most remakes, but this was a fun movie. The only issue would be if it spins off into a series, they would need to keep the current cast in place, it really works well. As a kid I faithfully watched the original show, and this is a great compliment to it.

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