Solo brathuke so better full movie download in telugu available Movierulz

Solo brathuke so better full movie download in telugu available Movierulz: Finally, after a long wait,the theatres have opened and the good sign is that the cinephiles have thronged to their nearby cinema to experience the theatrical magic.

Kudos to the team of SBSB and Zee for coming all out and making a brave move like this to be the first ever movie to be released in theaters during this pandemic.
We all know the age old proverb,”Luck favours the Brave!”
But this is 2020 and I should say that the above statement is inoperative this year and that Luck didn’t quite favour this team.

Solo brathuke so better movie download

Consequently, he starts a union during his college time and strongly advocates the philosophy of “Solo Brathuke So Better” and bags quite a number of followers.

But as time goes by and as he ages up, his own friends,who were staunch followers of his ideology take a U-turn from it and get married.Also when his own Uncle-who is a proponent and a guiding force behind this idealogy of Virat’s-disapproves the idea of Solo life,Virat starts to think the other way round.
Now, whether this shift in his thinking will fetch him a companion and what will be the fate of all his followers, forms the rest of the story. Free download HD video quality Solo brathuke movie

The turnaround in their beliefs which happens in the pre interval and pre climax for the hero and heroine respectively was not at all established in a compelling manner and the emotions doesn’t really strike a chord.
The rest of the senior actors were under utilized,the music isn’t uplifting and the comedy track could’ve been better.

There’s nothing exciting about this story as it ends up being a routine flick.
Cinephiles can give it a shot but for the rest,Skipping this movie will be So Better!

Solo brathuke so better full movie download in Telugu

Solo brathuke so better…
Cast:-Sai dharam tej,Nabha natesh……

The story begins with The students doing strike on a person,Virat who beliefs in Solo brathuke So better..
Why the people are strkking on him???

Is the rest of the story…

Sai Tej's acting is good and Nabha natesh acts also well.Rao Ramesh also acted a lot.Vennala Kishore and Satya's comedy is one of the highlight of the film...
And the special credit goes to Thaman.S for giving cool songs and Good bgm.Camera work is also nice.
Coming to the director Subbu,He has done a decent job with his debut movie.

The story is nice.
1st half is good with some decent laughs and 2nd half is good with emotions and romance.
But for the last20mins will disappoint us. Download telugu movie Solo brathuke so better.

From all above analysis,It's a decent movie we can watch in theatres..

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Super block buster movie after lock down thaman anna music mind blowing sai dharm tej acting mind blowing and Nabha natesh acting was mind blowing and superb expressions some scenes her acting was energetic interval bgm gives us goose bumps .whole story was excellent pls watch this movie in theaters only it will give goose bumps while background music SBSB is an excellent movie

One time watch,time pass, normal predictable plot.

vennala kishore comedy and dialogue modulation is ultimate.

Rao Ramesh , rajendra prasad are as usual,good with their emotionally well connective expressions,they nailed their characters. Very easy way 720p Solo brathuke so better full movie free download in movierulz.

Nabha is so beautiful and energetic,in some scenes she was so pretty.

Ajay character and his theme is so good.

Climax is good.

Tej is good,he could choose much better scripts,he portrays his characters idealogy,frustation, love, family emotions with ease but can be better.

Sai nd nabha rocks. Vennala kishore s comedy was nice 😄😄

The interval bang was 🔥🔥🔥along with the bgm.
Bgms really worked out for the scenes.
Another plus point are the songs.

The climax could have been made more better. I liked the 2nd half a lot.
The direction, acting of nabha nd sai, Bgms has made the movie really interesting.

It’s an another blockbuster for sai dharam tej nd and a hatrick win. Online link Solo brathuke so better movie download in telugu movierulz. Go watch this in theatres

Download link Solo brathuke so better full movie


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