Shakeela 2020 full movie free download HD

Shakeela 2020 full movie free download HD: Best movie ever it was remembering the quote .When someone pushes you down you must get up and stand on your own two feet even if you are scared to do it. Only you can set limits to your success plz everyone must watch with FAM thank you for making the movie #shakeelateam ♥👏🏻

Very disturbing movie and it’s fact about porn movies and actress to say in this society they did not give any respect for outside. Just their mind set is she will do wrong things. They are correct hats off and big salute for madam. Sri shakeela madam this my respect for Madam please accept my request Madam and main part for Richa madam for impressing performance madam.

Shakeela full movie free download

This movie doesnt gave justice to Shakeela mam’s life story. Movie was ok the story was 40% true + 70% fiction. Acting and cinematography was average. anyway if you have nothing to watch and very bored u can watch this movie.

Shakeela full movie free download link

As usual Richa Chadda contributed her excellence. So did, Pankaj Tripathi. Their acting made the biopic a time-worthy show. Good moive about this man: Why do people think that they are raped, then they only mind why they are hungry for lust .. They are not Shakeela

A nice film with good performance from all characters. The initial reviews were such that it appeared we have made a wrong choice by booking . It was a movie worth watching. Overall good movie.


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