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SCOOB 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie was a tasteful take on the classic characters, the story was compelling and never failed to hook my attention. I thought that the countless references to other Hanna-Barbara cartoons was obvious enough to fuel a fans excitement yet subtle enough to allow for the story to progress for those who were new to the world.

It surprised me how much emotion and character arch’s were added in contrast to other adaptations of these characters, Shaggy’s development really spoke to me as an audience and made the character feel much more real and by the end of the movie none of the characters felt like the same as they did when they began.

Scooby Doo Zombie Island

However, I thought that the music was overplayed and didn’t suit the film well and a lot of the modern references will make the movie date rather quickly but regardless the flaws to this film are subtle and don’t make the film any less enjoyable. I would strongly recommend to anyone who has long loved the character or for someone wanting classic enjoyable entertainment.

Scooby Doo Movie 2020

I really liked this movie! I’ve been waiting a while for them to actually be involved with a story that had the underworld and not just things that come out of the underworld. I’ve loved almost every Scooby movie/series (some of the things aren’t super great), but this one was really good.

I loved the animation and the cast. Every once in a while it felt like the voice acting wasn’t as up to its potential but everything else was great! It was kind of sad to see that they didn’t have the same cast as Mystery Incorporated or the live action ones with Linda Cardellini, but the new cast was still really good! I find it interesting that they found a way to include Captain Caveman, and plus they casted him with Tracy Morgan!

SCOOB Film 2020

I also love that the main villain in the story is Dick Dastardly! The last time I saw him, he was in Wacky Races and The Laff-A-Lympics! I read that they had to cut out a bunch of Hanna-Barbera characters from Scoob! but they brought back what they could and I am so happy because those were the characters I watched in my early childhood. I really loved this movie and you will too if you miss the old characters.

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