Roberrt (Robert) kannada movie | How to download Roberrt kannada full movie free

Robert kannada movie | How to download Roberrt kannada full movie free

Roberrt kannada movie:

Firstly huge shout out to Darshan’s acting and screen presence, also to Umapathy films for the rich making. A long commercial cinema filled with cliches largely holds the audience attention due to these two factors. When I say long, the length of the film becomes a little too tideous filled with unnecessary song placements in the second half after a very entertaining and engaging first half. Hari Krishna’s BGM is a huge plus too.

Directors should stop taking the intelligent Kannada audience for granted because we are almost exposed to all types of South Indian movies unlike the other states of south India and hence a mishmash of many Mass movies is easily identified by us and leaves us asking for something more and better at the end of the movie.
With the range and variety of Mass stars that Kannada industry has which includes likes of Darshan, Sudeep, Yash, Upendra, Shivarajkumar etc., Directors and Writers with a really good content can do wonders at the box office.

Roberrt movie Review:

The movie is just Wow!! I loved the movie!! The story is taken Curiously!! There are many nail-biting scenes!! I appreciate their effort and story!!
There is no second talk on direction, Tharun sir has done a good job.. secondly have to talk, cinematography is awesome!! Camera quality is also superb!! As always D BOSS has rocked the movie!! Heroine is beautiful and her grace and dance is above the line 😍 Loved her acting!! Songs are amazing!! Beats attract us.. It’s a visual treat for any viewer..

It’s a Paisa Wasool movie!! Have to mention, Vinod sir and other co-actors like Nana, Sarkar etc.. Chota Jason has acted really good!! I loved the movie!! I strongly recommend everyone to watch this movie!! It’s a full meal.. it has all the emotions and feelings that wl be connected to all the age groups.. On A whole MOVIE IS AWESOME “Jai DBoss”

movie for the normal audiences.
If ur regular movie lover and if ur watching other languages movie means, this movie may taste less to them bcoz u have already watched this type of movies in other languages, but for the first time in sandalwood, had worked well.. Box office sultan Challenging star is back with Bang.💪

Good work by all team members of Robert. After a long gap Darshan had danced well, Fights are mind blowing. Hero elevation scenes are outstanding.BGM Mind-blowing, Music and songs are awesome. Family elements, sentiments are too good.
If the director is Fan of his favourite hero & he is directing the movie to him means, he knows the pulse of audience.. That’s wat BLOCK BUSTER ROBERRT👍💪
Final prediction in one word BLOCK BUSTER is on the way… #ROBERRT

Positivie points

  • Firstly I would like to say that Darshan sir has done a fantastic
    job , his acting , his dialogue delivery and his action scenes are fabulous.

*The cinematographer has done a neat job

*Every character has been given equal importance in the Film

*The dialogue writer has done an outstanding performance

*This is a treat for all Darshan sir’s fans

*Vinod prabhakar has also done a fantastic acting and the action directors Ram and lakshman has done an amazing job.

download Roberrt kannada full movie

*Overall a good comercial film

Negetive points

  • Actors like jagapati babu and Ravishankar do the same old acting
    Should improve

*The first half went really well with little unwanted scenes but the second half was too lagging and many unwanted scenes

*There were few songs where it spoilt the audience curiosity

*The story line of this film was not that great , could have been improved

The movie may be the usual commercial potboiler with a climax rehashed from other films but the thing with Darshan’s movies is the actor himself. His stature alone carries the film through and he looks dashing while he does it. The movie kept me entertained throughout and the movie does not shy away from the fact that it just wants to entertain and do nothing more. An excellent and clean one time watch for darshan fans and though I’m not a major fan, I gave it a go for the actor and he does not disappoint.

Kudos to the way he’s built himself that if he’s beating up 10 people or lifting an Enfield,I have no doubts that he can.

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Good movie

…!!!👌😍 I have watched it twice, first time when I watched the more concentration was on the story and actually story continuity is very well carried we won’t feel bored at any point of the movie …
Even though the story would be predictable the camera work ,visualisation, music for fight are very beautifully done , Music is one the highlights of the movie …
Darshan is shown well with a good makeup without exaggeration …
Vinod prabhakar is again the high light I loved his acting ❤️ he is superb fit handsome and perfect 😍
A complete family entertainmen

This movie will be a milestone in D-Boss’ career

Though the story is a mix of other storylines which were movies previously and the story is predictable, I never felt bored at any point while watching the movie…

Story good

Casting choice great
Acting 🔥 especially D-BOSS’
Music, Cinematography, Location choice, editing, Set work are top notch

Direction though
Hats off to Tarun Sudheer sir
None of the character has been wasted.
Proper utilisation of D-Boss Vinod Prabhakar Jagapati Babu & Shivraj

The first thing I like about Darshan movie is; he gives opportunities to such who despite being talented won’t get enough opportunities due to the dirty politics around the industry.
Tiger Prabhakar is one such talent who is raised in the movie, he has equally shared screen with Darshan.

Movie is a family entertainer and directed decently !
The songs are also one of the highlight 🙂

It’s worth watching 👍 atleast for raising stars.

Appreciate Darshan sir’s acting

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