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Proximity 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie has some interesting elements but the soundtrack really impacted the flow. Definitely a bit amateurish but the potential is there.
The Aliens searching for answers to existence and realizing it likely is due to Christ was an interesting twist and one that can be explored to make interesting blended movies in the future including Alien horror types tying in religions. It’s worth exploring. This movie may be a precursor to that type of story.

Proximity Movie in Hindi Dubbed Download

The worst part of the whole movie was the soundtrack, it really messed up the flow and at times seriousness of the movie. Remove the soundtrack and the movie could be significantly better.

It is a good movie. First i thought that there is no story, actually the story is not there too much, but I don’t know why I continued watching it. Though, ending surprised me. Convo with aliens was good. They asked, who is this man? Man, that man there were asking about, that thought gave me goosebumps. Ending saved the movie. Kinda slow. No strong story. But still something was there that appealed me to watch it.

Proximity Movie in Hindi 480p Download

I really enjoyed this movie. CGI and location were great. Acting and songs were so so. I still think Contact is a way better movie and that was about 23yrs ago, but this one got me hooked.

I enjoyed the movie. The only exception for me was the ending though. It was kinda shoddy and poor. Other than that, I liked the entire concept of the movie. It has some flaws, but overall it was pretty entertaining and cool to watch.

Good movie with better than expected acting. However, the soundtrack was HORRIBLE. Especially the final scene…was totally ruined with the cheesy teen sounding pop song. Didn’t it at all except the lyrics which sang about the space between us….and movie Title is proximity. What a cheesy freaking stretch. Something I’d expect from an amateur/fan made movie.

Proximity 2020 Full Movie Review

It’s good. There are people criticising the movie because it involves Christian beliefs, saying the people with other religion will get offended. I don’t see you criticising on movies based on Greek, Bhuddhism beliefs. Just leave movies with beliefs alone unless they promote dark practices.

Great movie and the acting with the guy in the cabin was a great touch. I would definitely recommend watching if you are looking for a good SYFI movie with aliens.

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