Possessor (2020) Full Movie Download 1080p WEBRip

Possessor (2020) Full Movie Download 1080p WEBRip

Possessor 2020: Very enjoyable movie, yet it is very hard to put the words into it.
It’s very well done, beautifully shot, written and acted. It’s Inception by Cronenberg. There is nothing grotesque, but a really nice look into a life of a future assassin. It was advertised as sci-fi horror, but I think it’s more of sci-fi thriller, sci-fi drama. Defiantly give it a go id you’re a fan of Cronenbergs.
Unfortunately I do think the second half of 2nd act could’ve been stronger, but I think it’s just my opinion.
Overall will defiantly give it a second watch!

Possessor 2020

POSSESOR is written and directed by a virtuoso filmmaker who isn’t afraid to show the world that he has very obviously had deep fantasies about the most personal and visceral parts of murder. With some fantastic performances, and great SPFX put in just the right places, it’s the kind of horror/sci-fi movie I could feel on my skin. Andrea Riseborough’s character is so insidious that it feels strangely immoral to appreciate this movie as much as I did. But, I did, because Brandon Cronenberg is that good…but probably not that stable.

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If you are an old school body horror Cronenburg fan. You will love this. His son definitely puts his own spin on on the body horror genre. Obviously updated since his father last go at it. Feel very much an eXistenZ/Dead Ringers mix. Although the ending was not nearly as shocking as many have been touting, unless you are a newcomer to the genre. Fantastic movie.

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