Ponmagal Vandhal (vanthal) Tamil Full Movie Download in Isaimini, Tamilrockers

Ponmagal Vandhal vanthal (2020) Tamil Full Movie Download in Isaimini, Tamilrockers. Movie is really good and worth watching. Jyothika ( Defence Lawyer) and Parthiban scenes ( Public prosecutor) were done in brilliant way. The story is about a child who had been sexually harrassed by one big shot family son along with his friend.

The pain suffered by women due to sexual harassment explained very clear cut and in climax jyothikas acting will definitely make you cry. Climax scene is top-notch and little bit of twists. Finally the script is justice should be served to every individual equally. Law is not a game and it’s about fighting for justice truth.If lockdown is not there and movie released , the movie would have been blockbuster. congratulations to Surya Sir and entire crew and cast.

Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Full Movie Download

Cast: Directors who ruled till the 90s(or ever later) have been a backbone of the film be it Mr.R. Parthiban or Mr. Prathap K Pothen or Mr. K. Bhagyaraj or Mr. Padiyarajan or Mr.Thiyagarajan.
It feels good to see all of them together under a single roof.
Jothika has given justice to her role.Her expressiveness is a major + for the dialogues because it makes the audience get the vibes of every single syllable that is uttered.

Ponmagal vanthal full movie download in isaimini tamilrockers: Every actor in the film have played their role to their level best. Special mention to actress Vinodini who has the capacity to make the audience turn towards her with her dialogue delivery.

Story wise it might be an usual one. But screenplay has made it set a bench mark.
It’s a must watch courtroom drama.
Parthiban and his Tamil is inseparable.

Lighting and sounds have been on dot and makes us get deep into the scenes

Ponmagal vanthal full movie download in tamil

Though there is a little disappointment that one or two impactful dialogues could have been rendered a little louder, but on the whole the dialogues are so GOOD that you will never feel bored or we can find no extra unnecessary dialogues.

Every frame counts and one needs to watch the movie with full attention.

Any woman can relate herself with the content and any parent can feel the fear. Mother sentiment has been playing a major role in the story. Ponmagal vandhal full movie download tamilrockers hd.

There are so many lessons for life that is taught to us in a very simple way.

Sepcial mention to the costumes. Though they may look simple, there is no obscenity in the entire film which is commendable and colours used grabs the attention.

Ponmagal vandhal full movie download in tamil play: There are many twists in the film since the very beginning.
Though Climax is a little surprising and confusing it does have a major twist which is unexpected.

I personally felt it would have been great had Parthiban rendered some more impactful dialogues with his versatility in the last scene at the Court.

Ponmagal vandhal as the title says is dedicated to every woman who is a warrior and fighting with her own life.

It’s a must watch for parents and Youngsters.

Truth Triumphs ( you will understand if you have watched the film)

Ponmagal vandhal full movie download tamilrockers

This Movie deserves great Applause and commendation ….A strong message , Excellent Acting and what more….with no beating around the Bush .

Ponmagal vandhal full movie download tamilrockers hd: In a Country where cases of abduction and Child Misuse is getting worse by the day , it is very very very essential that our Judiciary is stepped up, Acts and Laws be enacted in State Legislatures and Parliament to severely punish Criminals within a very short span.

This will send the cold down the spine to many who want or even think of Committing this crime….
It’s high time we stop looking on and begin acting speedily…
We cannot loose our Sisters and Daughters anymore ….

Films like this are worth watching ,in comparison to Message /Storyless thrillers and horror films..

Hero’s must be hero’s not for meaningless fights on big screens or baseless comedy and horror….Ponmagal vanthal full movie download tamilrockers.

Jyothikha is a true Hero for accepting this script and sending a strong message for Justice of very victim…

come on fellow citizens,brothers and friends…

If we stand up and fight ,We can avoid all the issues we are currently facing…
Let’s not sit put and wait for someone to act…..

Ponmagal vanthal full movie download in isaimini

Ponmagal Vandhal.
Tamil Movie.
Daughters are adorable, they are to be loved and cared for. How does girl child abuse ever happen, how do these monsters prey on them?

Ponmagal vanthal full movie download in isaimini hd: The story revolves around a courtroom in chill Ooty. Chilling more is killing of girl children by a woman named Jyoti. Two gun shots are heard near a serene lake on a cold misty morning. Two young men try to save a girl child from Jyoti’s clasp and get fatally shot. Jyoti tries to escape to Tirupatur and is nabbed by the police at the station and gets killed in the police encounter. Case closed.

After many years lawyer Jyotika appeals in the High Court and reopens Jyoti’s case to prove that she is not guilty earning the wrath and curses of the ill-fated mothers who have lost their girl children. She fights in spite of the odds against her. Bhagyaraj her foster father stands by her assuring her strength and support and lifts her spirits.

He is the one who gets Jyoti a house and puts her child on school when she comes to stay in Ooty. Prathap Pothen is the judge who patiently hears through the trials in the courtroom. As the drama gains momentum the public prosecutor is replaced by eminent lawyer Parthiban from Chennai influenced by industrialist and business magnate Thiagarajan. These veteran stars perform without much ado and neatly play their roles.
Jyotika presents her case with evidences but gets thwarted by criminal lawyer Parthipan.

Ponmagal vanthal movie download in isaimini: What is Jyoti’s background? Did police investigate the murder of the girl children, what did doctors and forensic reports say? What were the 2 men doing with Jyoti and who and why were they shot. The answers to all these questions come in the second half.
Evidence is something one needs to provide in every case. The doc who gave the reports to police when much needed succumbs and dies of heart attack.
Jyotika is time and again intimidated and mocked by Parthipen saying her experience isn’t enough to fight the case and she cannot interrogate a senior police officer who closed the case years back.

But not giving up, she rises each time and finally succeeds to summon the most required person in court for an investigation.
The story brings to light the violence on small girl children.
Protect them and care for them.
Streaming on Amazon Prime.
Watch it on weekends with your kids. Let them empathize and get the message too.


This is The must watch Film. Strong script and great acting by versatile actors. Some feel that film is just scripted for sake of bringing in audience is because they are not able to understand the real emotion that is being depicted here and those who don’t lend their ears to such happenings in today’s world.

The director had tried to keep the film so lively and also with a bang-on message at the end of the film which I believe has to be practised in each and every family to prevent such crimes. Hats off to entire crew

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