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Peninsula 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie was well made at least to me. All the negative critics and bias were not necessary as we can have other individual upside. Good car scene and not typical zombie movie. I felt bitter when I could imagine indirectly how human being could cruel and selfish with unexpected disasters or pandemic like the scene. Anyhow, i am pretty fascinated by the way story unfold. The game with zombie and car scenes were my favorite parts.

Peninsula Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed

Train to Busan was better but this movie is still great on its own. An entirely different plot with a new set of characters no returning stars set four years after TTB. The movie presented a fresh new look on the zombie situation in the Korean Peninsula, and the acting, cinematography, and story did not disappoint. Definitely worth watching this roller coaster of emotions.

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This movie is exciting, action-packed, and has great performances from actors, but can’t be compared to the lasting impact of the original Train to Busan film. Whereas it’s clear the first movie focuses on character development and delivers several messages about Korean society a fresh take on zombie thrillers this one does not particularly stand out as anything other than an entertaining action film you can watch with friends. That being said, if you’re a fan of action/car chases/fight scenes, you’ll enjoy this movie.

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What an exciting movie! The cinematography was amazing and I loved how each character was played. Such a good movie experience after almost 4 months of cinema closure.

While there was a clear distinction from Train to Busan, Peninsula was just as original, dramatic and overall an enjoyable movie.

Firstly this isn’t a sequel just because the title is the same..its a different chapter of the same movie.

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I was impressed with the CG work they have done with this movie..The movie was sort of pretty dull in the first half compared to its prequel but it starts gaining momentum in the second half..Don’t expect impressive story-line because the objective of this movie is to get you watching some thrilling zombie hunting adventure with family almost felt like i am into resident evil walkthrough when i saw the amount of CG they have put into..

The cast did a pretty good job especially the first know it when u watch it..The main story of the film is a rescue mission and don’t give too much importance to the loopholes or you will be disappointed.I know the climax was sort of filmy but you need to realist emotions always works if you can bring it out at the right time and the director is very good in this section considering the prequel..Don’t go into this movie with sky high expectations or expecting heavy jump-scares and you will do just fine.

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