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Palm Springs (2020) Movie Free Download 720p WEBRip: Fully enjoyed this movie. The theme has been done several times, most notably in ‘Groundhog Day’, however, this movie has a fresh spin on the concept. Three people are trapped in a time loop, each differently.

One is partying it up and accepting reality as it now is, one is VERY upset over it and seeks revenge, and the newcomer wants it to be over with. It’s a fun romp with some cliche moments, but overall it’s well done and acted throughout with some very funny moments to remember. A surprise hit for me!

Palm Springs (2020) Movie Free Download

A unique twist on the time loop story. Wait, have you heard that before?
Samburg and Milioti are great together and really funny. The script is sharp and witty. It’s a poignant look at life – with a peculiar (almost ‘knowing’?) coincidence that we would highly desire a romcom right now about feeling “stuck” in the seemingly inescapable life around you. Palm Springs (2020) Movie Free Download 720p WEBRip.

Kudos to the filmmakers also adding to the time loop by giving the film an ’80s romcom vibe (e.g., ‘wild’ lead male in Hawaiian shirt with great one liners like “Real Genius” or “Ferris Bueller”); synth soundtrack included)!

the whole premise is that everyone inside of the loop repeats the same day over and over again, yet Sarah took online courses in quantum physics for however long with different professors (in order to get out of the loop and the question is…how did she even land on quantum psychics as a way to remedy their situation when there’s no backstory on her).

That was just one of many flaws in Palm Springs. Then we had to suffer through Nyles contrived and corny epiphany about finally growing up and his love for Sarah…at a bar by the way. Another throwaway scene was him trying to get to the cave where she is about to detonate the bomb….just WHY????

Finally, THE most ridiculously trite semi-monologue by Nyles (filled with tons of references to grammatical errors that no one should have given one good damn about) was foisted upon us, when he was desperately trying to explain his feelings TO Sarah. It was annoying to watch and it wasn’t funny or even sentimental adjacent.

Once in the cave, they kissed then Nyles and Sarah detonated the bomb that got them out of the time loop “box”, yet they still knew each other and landed in the pool of a home they had poached. But in the final scene when Roy (Simmons) went to find Nyles because Sarah left him instructions on how to get out of the loop, Nyles didn’t recognize him when Roy is the one he’s been in the loop with the longest.

It simply didn’t make sense nor was it consistent with how the story-line was originally set-up. In my opinion, the writers didn’t do a good enough job of making Palm Springs flow smoothly, and it was filled with cliched schlock. If I knew then, what I know now, Palm Springs would have been a hard pass for me.

Palm Springs is a delightful summer movie. It has a pleasingly goofball tone, and many scenes are very funny. Although its premise is borrowed from Groundhog Day, it has enough originality to stand on its own. Andy Samberg and JK Simmons look like they are having fun, but the true revelation is Cristin Milioti, who can carry a comedy.

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