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very well directed, script writing and dialogues. Jaideep acting was highly impressive. casting people did a great job by casting Jaideep. He fitted as a perfect lead actor in every situation with his superb acting skills. Apart from this, this show paatal lok had covered every disaster going on in india right now as discriminating, killing, beating people based up on their religion and caste by hypothetically “proclaimed” upper caste Hindus with their fake hindutva propaganda.

Paatal Lok Web Series All Episodes Download

story and screenplay – it has everything from corporate media hovering to next door family drama.. is so well written it wont be wrong to say .. its one of the best series streaming now on any platform of simply topnotch. dialogues are simple, grounded and razor sharp and witty when needed. one of the sure shot hit dialogue will be from this series. paatal lok download free tamilrockers.

Its narrative touches topics such as sociopolitical stigma, caste based politics, lower class to upper class tantrum, typical liberal attitudes ..discrimination .. and it points out that all this have become so casual and routine that most of us don’t even notice or care.. that its happening around us ..

Patal lok all episodes download

Special mention Jaideep Ahlawat ..huge respect.. portrayal of hathi ram will be one of the most memorable character.

The story revolves arounds the history of the accused of their respective past crimes, who were now have been charged for attacking and planning a murder of well known and high profile journalist (like arnabūü§£ jk), it mainly includes the determination and the fight of a policeman (the hero of the show) against the wrong decision taken by the CBI and get the actual story behind the case .

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The policeman‚Äôs suffers every now and then in his personal life as well and i must say it was one of the best written and perfectly played character by the legend jaideep ahlawat . Another favourite character was none other than TYAGI , played by Abhishek banerjee who barely had dialogues but his expressions were phenomenal and every time he appeared on screen he created a huge impact. Other played their respective parts very well, especially the wife of journalist ‚ÄúDOLLY‚ÄĚ , she was so adorable.

Paatal lok episode 2 download

Overall it was a well written and included factual based events, though it might get boring at time for some and start to become baffling but that’s fine because firstly.
Pro: Actors with great performances .
Con: complexity and the genre of the story, some people (including me )may not like the interference of political conflict in the climax.

paatal lok episode 3 download

Pataal Lok starts as a simple case where a murder attempt is thwarted and all the four criminals are caught. But is there more than meets the eye?

Wonderful performances by the entire cast, especially Jaideep Ahlawat as the lowly cop in charge of the investigation and Neeraj Kabi as the news channel boss, Mehra, who was about to be assassinated.
However even the minor actors are just s superb.

paatal lok episode 4 download

As the story sets out, we are told that it is an allegory for heaven, earth and hell. The super rich, corporate honchos, reside in heaven. We, ordinary human beings, just eke out our existence in mundane earth. But the most happening place is the hell in which the underworld operates. All the shady and unsavory characters belong to this hell, or pataal Lok. This web series deals with the situation where all three worlds collide and affect each other.

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The characters are deeply drawn. There is the down and out cop,Hathi Ram, who gets saddled with this complicated case by mistake. Jaideep plays a superb frustrated policeman. His wife, old reliable Gul Panang, is the nagging type with a soft corner for her conniving brother. This is earth.

Paatal lok episode 6 download

Heaven is inhabited by the star news editor, Mehra, whose life is at stake. Neeraj Kabi brings out the nuances of his job and personal life and affairs delicately. Then there is his wife, played by Swastika, who is mentally affected and tries her best to remain stable by carrying for dogs. This is heaven.

And as for the dirty underbelly of the world, there are the four Assassins who are controlled by unseen puppeteers. This is pure Hell.

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Add to this mix a transvestite, and a Muslim policeman, both of whom are sneered upon by society, and it’s becomes a potent brew.

The series jumps rapidly from high class hotels to middle class homes to dirty and dusty village howels.

paatal lok episode 8 download

As one character sums it all up in the end, We are all cogs in this huge machine called the system. And if we fail to conform, we cannot change the system. We just get replaced.

This is a deep and profound series produced by Anushka Sharma, and a must see. Don’t miss it

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This is true gem, the best web-series India has produced till now. However the series has a very average imdb rating of 7.5 which is pretty absurd. This is due to the fact that the series depicts or should i say had the guts to depict the true India.

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It doesn’t glorify any religion doesn’t take a stand doesn’t try to impose something to you rather it shows what actually the current situation is, it engulfs your feelings in such a way that no indian series has ever able to do so. Sadly, our country is currently not safe for showing the true india rather they will try to ruin it’s image by every possible means and Imdb rating is a true reflection of that.

Please do not go by the imdb ratings, go and watch it. It is a true classic and I am sure that it will get a ‘cult’ status ten or twenty years from now. A big thanks to Virushka for producing such a brave gem. Peace!

Paatal Lok Web Series All Episodes Download



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