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Onward was a good movie. Was it fantastic? No. Heres why: The chemistry between the brothers, was just fantastic, they had differences in their lives one wanting to be like their father and the other following his own path. These brothers support each other in every way they can. Absolutely amazing. (Unlike Elsa and Anna.) The scene that totally broke me the most is the fact that the younger brother gives up his opportunity into seeing his own father again and giving his oldest brother the chance to see him again. That’s truly amazing. But, besides the nice comment I felt like the plot was really thick. It was somewhat weak which made the film a little bit boring to watch.

Onward 2020 Full Movie Free Download

I felt like some of the characters were sort of forgotten of needed sort of a point of view. Like the mother shouldve gotten her own scene in which she expressed how she would feel if she lost her two boy since in the beginning she expressed how much she dearly loved her kids, or the cow lady (I think?) Instead of being so uptight about letting this bad thing go (Dont remember what uts called) she couldn’t instead expressed why she couldnt let it go or the effects of mankind it could cause, besides saying”Something bad is going to happen!

Onward Movie Download

A very well done movie. Those who do not like this movie only have half a brain. A fanstastic movie that made my cry and appreciate family. Excellent work Pixar. You’ve nailed it again. This movie has soooo much heart and is funny, sensational, emotional, interesting, plot- twisting, wonderful, beautiful and most importantly worthwhile. The ending was Super and this movie can definitely relate to our lives. One of the best movies I have ever seen that will bring you on quite the adventure of a lifetime. Amazing characters and plot line. May this movie go OnWard.

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