October Faction 2020 Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download 720p

October Faction 2020 Full movie Download.This is a really good show. I was looking forward on the next season but I was so disappointed to find out now that they cancelled it. This is much better written than The Letter for the King. This has potential for at least five seasons.

This show is awesome, people don’t know whats good anymore they’d rather have more of the walking dead, something that was drawn out for longer than it should’ve been than something creative like this show. I loved all the plot twists, the characters weren’t the best but that’s what makes the show good in a different way.

October Faction 2020 Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download

I loved all the monsters and the stories behind them. Switching back and forth between good and bad guys is part of showing the audience the different perspectives of the two groups, humans and monsters, and the individual stories behind them as to grasp a better understanding of what is happening and why. I do agree the path of the show was a bit messy, but again this is what made it good.

October Faction 2020 Full Movie Dual Audio Season 1

It is a unique show different from the others I have watched and like a breath of fresh air. I especially liked how they portrayed the monsters. I hate that the best shows always get canceled too soon because the mass majority cant appreciate the story and is always too focused on what may be bad to see the good.

I enjoyed this series, and hope they do another series. I raced through the first 10 episodes, and was glad to have them all accessible at once, since they frequently dovetailed consecutive episodes.

October Faction 2020 Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download Review

I thought the acting and special effects were good to very good. and I found plot twists and the way the writers shifted the portrayal of good and evil, and who was which to be quite compelling. I have not read the books on which this was based.

I’m and SF guy horror not so much but this series for me was engaging, entertaining, and made me think about the underlying issues of racism, bigotry, and ethnic cleansing. Please make more episodes.

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