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Ragnarok 2020 Full Movie Season 1 Dual Audio Download. This show is just amazing. I mean everyone knows Thor courtesy Marvel and when i read the synopsis about this show, I wasn’t sure what the story would be like but this took me by surprise. The story is crisp and short. The story is nicely interwoven with current climatic conditions. No unnecessary episodes and longing of the season.
The locales are just mind blowing. Such a beautiful place. I fell in love with the location.

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This show is out of the world effort. Adam Price, the writer, had set the premise in a creative way. The way he modified the Ragnarok and set up the plot that Giants escaped the all-ending stunned me. Every main actor was phenomenal. They embodied their role.
Although set in gorgeous Norway, it resembles some elements to that of Danish show.

I’m not sure whether to thank Netflix for this awesome production or disgust them for intervening and altering the originality (subtly notable).
I watched the show with Norwegian Audio and English Subtitles. I must confess that the sound of Norwegian language is angelic and it inspired me to sign up a crash course to learn it.

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I’ve been fed a lot of odd stereotypes about school life from American movies. This kinda dismisses it and a delight treat to watch. The Plastic Bottle scene between Isolde and Fjor in episode 1 made me laugh and this spark of joke between Popular Boy and Lonely Girl — it’s something real. Oscar was a fantastic supporting cast, and ImaN character introduction felt weird and is a classic example of forced diversity. M83’s music Outro was compelling.
Odin knows what’s in bag in the next season.

I loved the modern day twist on the old Norse legends! My ancestry is predominantly Nordic–and I’ve read the Old Tales since I was young, so to see them translated into a current context made me grin happily. Whether you watch in Norwegian with English subtitles or dubbed into English by the actual actors (so the accents are Norwegian and the voices don’t become weird), the whole series is a treat and can easily be binged in a self-quarantined day.

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Fantastic! The photography was beautiful and the story, for the most part, was fresh and engaging. This show is dubbed but the dubbing was phenomenally acted – it was barely noticeable except when you are looking for it. This was such a welcome change from the slew of mediocre “bleh” shows that Netflix has been doing.

There were certainly some plot holes and inconsistencies but I didn’t have any problem overlooking them. And most wonderfully, the show didn’t overstay it’s welcome. It told its story in about 5 or so episodes and had a good ending that promises much more to come.

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I enjoyed the casting choices except for the hero’s brother who seemed desperate and out of place. I was tempted to ding the show for some of its tree-hugger/global warming/people-are-destroying-the-planet themes because I can’t stand when shows are used to push political agendas but in the end, they were incorporated fairly well into the story. So the show leaves many unresolved questions but ends well. I look forward to the next season.

I enjoyed this as a fan of all things Norse. It’s very much a Norwegian Smallville. A bit slow at times but set in beautiful scenery and building nicely for series 2.

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Probably a more accurate portrayal of the legends than the Marvel version which is very different to the Prose Edda ! Obviously I love the Marvel stories too and I’m keen for series 2 of this new Netflix series now.

This surprised us. We really liked it and were hooked after the first episode. Loved the characters. The teenage angst was not offensive or overbearing and the scenery was awesome. It was unique. The captions did not get in the way and after a few minutes into the first episode I almost forgot I couldn’t understand what they were saying. We are hoping the next season comes out soon.

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I really liked this! At first when I saw it advertised on Netflix I passed it up because it just looked stupid. But I finally gave in and I loved it after 5minutes in the first episode. I’m glad I took that chance. The audio was in English for me. And it wasn’t until a few episodes in that I realized they weren’t actually speaking that. It was so well-done that I hadn’t noticed up to that point. I loved the last episode, the last 5 minutes, and the last 5 seconds.

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