My listing theme


1 . Content problem of  seo  yoast plugin 

When i edit the listing then show this text in the readability of  seo yoast plugin

” The text contains 0 words. This is far below the recommended minimum of 300 words. Add more content that is relevant for the topic.”

but i have above 300 word content .”


my listing

2 .  Problem of explore page

How to i will create Previous  and next option  in the  explore page  under  listing.


my listing theme

3 .  Problem of My Profile 

I have two  friend , but not showing  their   status  post  in the  activity .

Check for account

User name :

Password : 1172shohag


My Listing Problem

Problem of  ” page not found “.

Mostly , When the user opens the page then showing ” page not found “.
Why is the problem ?
Please know me .


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