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This movie is the only Disney princess movie based on a real female war hero that was actually documented by historians in the past. Although vague, but there are enough information to prove she did actually exist. From the clips I’ve seen on YouTube, this seems like a very empowering film for young girls.

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Give this movie a chance, don’t belittle it before it’s even released, base your reviews and ratings on actual facts and personal experiences,not nostalgic memories of the past, or unfulfilled expectations .

People are judging the movie before it even came out! The actor who played Mulan worked really hard. I think she deserves better reviews. I think she did great. The new release date will do final touches in all the mistakes that the viewers suggest and they will make it even better. Even if they take out some characters, Liu Yifei worked hard and proved herself that she was like an actual warrior. Her hard work deserves more. I give this a five star so far. It looks great! I can’t wait to see it.

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Personalty, i think this movie’s set up is great and removing Mushu made the movie feels a little more natural but my main issue with the movie is Mulan herself, the actor they got to play her is really bland and doesn’t emote at all. I also would’ve liked it if there was some comedy like the scene in the original when she was pretending to be a man or having the side-characters but other than that everything else was alright.

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Probably the better of these films, especially being the most adult one of all them and i dare even say it was actually kind of fun at times. its alright, if you wanna watch it go ahead but for a mulan fan you might not like it. But for a person who thought the original Mulan was just good, i thought it did some things right and somethings not so good.

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