Mrs Serial Killer (2020) Hindi Full Movie Download 720p

Mrs Serial Killer (2020) Hindi Full Movie Download 720p. It is a 2020 Bollywood Indian Hindi-language crime thriller film.

Mrs Serial Killer (2020) Movie Info

  • Initial release: May 1, 2020
  • Director: Shirish Kunder
  • Category Movies
  • Type Bollywood
  • Language English
  • Total size 949.7 MB

I think it was awesome… They make a dramatic sequence which was brilliant… Apart from that manoj sir did amazing job which was fully expected, rather than that mohit raina did amazing acting though he got few sequence but he did justice with it and Jacqueline Fernandez’s acting developed a lot which is noticeable…. I loved its color palette which helps to create a theatrical background in few places.

Mrs Serial Killer Full Movie Review

Review 01: It was fabulous. Fantastic. Amazing. And very thriller. Everyone must watch this. Jaqueline mam was extremely good in this series and manoj sir was too good in this series. And our mahadev mohit is extremely extremely extremely good in this series. And looking very beautiful. But i suggest to director mohit sir ko zyada time dena chahiye ths. But i am watched this filmonly for mohit raina.

Review 02: Mrs. Serial killer is fine one time watch. Manoj sir did his part wonderfully. Jacqueline can’t convince through her acting. As we’re in locked down & have good amount of free time so you can give it a shot.

Review 03: Better than Extraction,
Jacqueline Fernandez’s Hindi accent is very bad, but Manoj bajpayee and mohit raina save it also both actor’s acting very well. it was amazing thriller movie in India. I love it….
Overall I gives 5 rating only Manoj pajpayee and Mohit raina both.

Review 04: Its a good suspense thriller, Manoj Bajpai we all know is a good actor but Jacqueline has given a superb performance.. After Bhaukal Mohit Raina has given decent performance. Right from the beginning till the climax the movie is worth watching.

Review 05: The segment of the movie where manoj bajpai tries to kill the hostage is pictured in an awesome way that frame of direction was too good. Yeah the movie was predictable but you should watch till the end it was really great

Review 06: Movie is completely full packaged suspense and thrill. Hats off to Manoj Vajpayee, Mohit Raina was good and Jaquline Fernandez best acting ever. Best part of movie is CLIMAX.

Mrs Serial Killer Full Movie Download

Despite not being able to speak Hindi properly, Jaqueline here does quite justice to her character I feel, given there are many more promising artists who can deliver better.
Manoj bajpayee as always makes you feel his presence every second he’s on screen, such flawless and natural acting.

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Overall, very good and strong serial killer story, but lazy attempts of imitating the western thrillers ruin it all. Poor direction and camera work makes the scenes lame and unrealistic, but background score is top notch.

Hardly any scene from the whole movie excite you, except when Manoj Bajpayee and Mohit Raina on screen.
End is very predictable and streched for no reason, as this made it quite obvious of what was to come. You expect substantial gripping moments for a thriller you know.

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