Moothon 2020 Telugu Full Movie Free download link on isaimini, tamilyogi, tamilrockers, telegram

Moothon 2020 Telugu Full Movie Free download link on isaimini, tamilyogi, tamilrockers, telegram.

Mathew was awesome in combination scenes with Nivin.Other notable performers are Dileesh pothen and Sujith sankar.
In an important emotional conversation scene in flashback end portion where Dumb Aamir insists Akbar to run away to Bombay.

koothan movie download in tamilrockers: That scene and the background score in the scene still stay with me. Rajeev Ravi’s frames shows the dark & gritty side of Bombay people and pain of Akbar to save Mulla (Look out for the under-water scene in the beginning).

Cuts were fine and aptly avoid guessable sequences in certain scenes.Special mention to production design,sound design and dialogs in different accent.
The main drawback I felt was that this film leaves behind few unanswered questions.

moothon full movie download isaimini: Moothon is a very beautiful film. The film is so realistically and ambitiously taken that we start to imagine ourselves in the shoes of the characters walking down the streets of bombay. Some might imagine themselves as the damned soul gang lord Akbar , some as ameer others as mulla or rosey . It’s ironical that our worst vices are the ones that can be most beautifully portrayed.

Moothon 2020 Telugu Full Movie Free download

The “first shot” when the damned soul of Akbar walkes down a dark gully in bombay , I have never seen such a powerful shot, it was like the predator showing itself from the shadows

The shot where Akbar in love relaxes on his boat in Lakshadweep as he recollects the moments with his lover. The shots of Salim a cold hearted thug willing to do anything for money

Moothon full movie download in tamilyogi. The deep moments between ameer and Akbar , kinda reminded me of brokeback mountain . More tragic though.

The intoxicated scene at the end where shashank arora puts out his best performance in the film , for me that was the best acting done in the film. NIVIN Pauly also killed that seen

And of course the little piece fantacy of the mermaid who comes to rescue mulla. Geethu Mohandas and crew , thank you

Moothon- Brilliant but dark. Moothon combines the darkness of Salaam Bombay with the tragedy of Brokeback mountain.

The movie is brilliant in terms of acting, direction, casting and being shot on location but lacks in editing.

It’s the one of the few gay love stories coming from India and I think 1st in Malayalam.

The movie is very dark showing the hidden underbelly of child trafficking, prostitution and drugs in Mumbai. Selling a child is shown as just a job like any other. The movie haunted me for a few days but such is the impact.



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