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Best movie of the year that can not debit by the any movie by this movie is fablous movie marjavaan the heroine character and villan character is best character in this movie

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If you are really someone who got nothing to do for the day and feels like watching someone cry for hours on the go, then you may opt for this movie. It has nothing seriously, but a mix of other movies that we have already watched, and a lot of crying. Both actors cry 8/10 times in the whole 2.5 hours time.

once in a lifetime, you may see a backwash movie and this movie may be considered for the same. The film was made with dialogues only. Mere wastage of money on this useless movie.

Yes, it has great and the twist in between. Excellent role played by Ritesh Deshmukh especially but end part was not well managed, other than that dialogues too were not that catchy or attention gaining, should have worked with that. Tara Sutaria garnished it with her beauty.

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Marjaavaan Movie Download Openload

Pretty Average,,Not some tea…I can say scarcely 40-45 mins in this films is Good Rest is Boring N irritating…

When Tara comes After 20 mins The motion picture becomes supperb then after 45 mins Before interim She kicks the bucket Till Then the motion picture is Good… Very feel great minutes,, n then the subsequent half is Very exhausting, Illogical n Irritating,, Cast is in reality great Sid,Ritesh,Rakul did beautiful well,,But saraa

She did exceptional work,, Just Stole the show,,Overall Its An Average movie,,Some may like it

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    I have toe see this movie

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