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Mardaani 2 full Movie Download from 123mkv , pagalworld . This movie is an awareness for the increasing rate of women assault in India, Rani ma’am acting is ofcourse the best and surely this movie will be a hit. May be I will need to carry a tissue box to watch this movie, Mardaani 2 Movie free Download

Only Rani Mukherjee has the guts, talent and that intensity to make such a powerful movie, on such a critical topic. From the trailer, it’s clear that the criminal is not just a rapist but a psychological criminal. And also I think he’s underage, and how our law is lenient with underage offenders irrespective of their crime. Hats off! Not going to miss watching it in theater Mardaani 2 Movie Download online

The trailer is tragically heartbreaking. Just imagine that these kind of bastards are there in our society their every piece and every nerve should get punished for such a horrifying act. Bollywood is tending to open our eyes i wish it reaches to the masses and I wish this movie makes a difference in our society that will be a true success & the way it has been showed i think it will. Movies like this makes me feel proud. Proud of you Rani Mukherjee. Lastly I wish every girl every women be as strong and powerful as Rani Mukherjee’s character in this movie. Mardaani 2 Movie free Download HD

Now THAT’S what you call a trailer. Setting the foundation of the story but not giving everything away. Keeping it suspenseful but giving enough to understand what the movie is about. Even if the movie isn’t good, you have to make the trailer look awesome so ppl actually get excited to watch it Mardaani 2 Movie Download 720p

I never understand of those who after watching movies says we should do something for those who usually do bad with girls but when it really happen in real life they are standing beyond and watching it for their entertainment .I never stand at that time what happen to these people. See in comments there are many whose blood is boiling after seeing the trailer . Wow Mardaani 2 (2019) Movie Download

before some time, i did see, many people were trolling RANI, regarding some interview or talk show..and were pretending that, new generation actresses are now far better..but i can bet on this, the character RANI has played in MARDAANI and HICHKI, no other can play it better than her..

Okay people calm down especially the one from Kota saying it never happened in Kota. There are 2 things : true events and true story. They mentioned true events. So true events are collecting events that actually happened from anywhere of the country and making it fictional by mentioning some random city name. Whereas True story is something where it’s portrayed exactly how it happened, taking exact story line, exact place etc. So calm down the buring ass of yours and concentrate on the subject Mardaani 2 Movie free Download

The movie really has some suspense ,I was expecting it to be like any other commercial movie trailer but
I was really surprised they pulled of a good trailer with decent story line

So the Dominance of ‘Mard’ in film industry is being slowly swept away. This is a good sign for women. Always want to see the women in lead roles. Definitely Will go to watch this movie

This movie is really really needed to be realise..the content of the movie is about how the female crime is going on in our country and the rapist are freely roaming around without any fear the issue is to opened and we need honest officers like shivani and i wish as i will also be a loyal IPS like her jai hind .Mardaani 2 full Movie free Download

Trailer looks promising, going to watch it definitely……… Eagerly waiting for some movie which will be about the men who have been victimised of the false rape allegations and misuse of the laws which were actually made for women’s safety

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