Mafia: Chapter 1 Download Full Movie (Tamil, Hindi)

Mafia: Chapter 1 Download Full Movie in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi: mafia chapter -1. one of the most awaited film. Yeah the film satisfies the expectations.firstly the main plus of the film is script work.what a brilliant many places the screen play is super.
music and camera is extra ordinary. climax scene makes us the curiosity when will mafia chapter -2 will come.

Mafia chapter 1 download full movie

Nearly 2 hours (as the Internet states, the movie will not last long for 2 hours and 30 minutes). Mafia Chapter 1 depicts the story of how the police personnel in Narcotic Bureau tries to nab a major local and foreign drug lord. Keeping the audience alive during the story, it narrates in a slower way rather than the other crime thrillers that we have witnessed.

Mafia chapter 1 full movie download in tamil: It’s not just an ordinary thriller film with fighting scenes. But it is the preface to the Mafia Chapter 2 film, which unfolds in future. Mafia Chapter 1 is a story that flows a little too slowly. So it’s up to you to watch it without being worried. The first half of the film can be watched leisurely and relaxingly compared to the second half, and the second half is slightly faster than the first half.

This is Karthick Naren’s second entry into cinema as a director after the film ‘Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru’ (2016). Mafia chapter 1 movie download in isaimini This film depicts a team of Narcotics Bureau where; Aaryan (Arun Vijay), Sathya (Priya Bhavani Shankar) and Varun (Bala Hassan) playing the lead roles in the film. The film’s story gradually unfolds before us, illuminating the uncertainty of the story.

If we talk about the characters in the movie. Arun Vijay (as Aaryan) plays the role of a Narcotic Bureau police officer who has extensive knowledge of drug raids and drug users. Prasanna (as DK – Diwakar Kumaran) is the strongest criminal he has ever run into.

Prasanna (as DK – Diwakar Kumaran), who plays the villain, is a handsome, cunning man. He is adept at applying wisdom in his drug Mafia world. The characters of Sathya (played by Priya Bhavani Shankar) and Varun (played by Bala Hassan) also play significant roles in the film, helping the story to develop.

Mafia chapter 1 movie download in tamilyogi: It will not be easy for his team, led by Aaryan, to put an end to the Drug menace of not only the youth of India but for the entire world. In order to eradicate the menace, it is essential to bring the invisible hand towards the law. But all of this must be done only after properly identifying the opponent thoroughly.

If the so called criminal’s mind set behaves in a similar way to the police officers it will be not easy to nab the criminal. All the plans and predictions might fail drastically. The end of the film reveals an unexpected ending for the viewer, which is not predictable.

Mafia chapter 1 movie download in hindi

The movie marks the second directorial outing of the popular young filmmaker Karthick Naren, who made a place for himself in the Tamil film industry with his directorial debut Dhruvangal Pathinaaru.

Mafia chapter 1 movie download in moviesda: Priya Bhavani Shankar, the popular actress appears as the female lead opposite Arun Vijay in the movie, which features Prasanna as the main antagonist. Mafia, which is written by director Karthick Naren himself, reportedly revolves around the cat and mouse game between two individuals, in Chennai city.

Recently, it was rumoured that the Arun Vijay starrer is inspired from the popular Netflix series Narcos. However, director Karthick Naren rubbished the reports and confirmed that Mafia revolves around a fresh plot, even though the basic thread might look similar. Mafia, which comes with the tagline Chapter 1, might turn into a franchise.

Mafia chapter 1 full movie download tamilrockers: The director and his team have already hinted that they are planning to make a sequel for the project, which will materialize purely based on the box office performance of Mafia.

Well firstly. The pros of the movie

  • Great Background score and music.
  • Great camera work. There were certain shots that were amazing.
  • Good acting provided the roles given to each of them.
  • Great costume design and visuals
  • Gafia chapter 1 movie download in tamilrockers

Now the cons
Well for me it was just the over use of slow motion shots. These were almost present in the movie from start to end. A very simple plot so you can’t ask more from the actors to deliver and the narration was slow as it was trying to get the characters introduced in the first half. The second half gives you a great twist in the end which would leave you wanting for more which is going to be the next chapter.

Mafia: Chapter 1 Download Full Movie Tamil, Hindi: The movie started of well .. it had a strong story…strong cast who had proved their acting skills before.. But the director has not taken full use of the actors rather given more importance to their onscreen LOOKS with their well sculpted Bodies displayed from various angles adorned with branded accessories…

Mafia chapter 1 download hd full movie free : It is good to showcase that too but unfortunately a movie is also about a plot which dragged due to the slow screen play .Prasanna was not used completely! Though he looked vicious in a negative role we wanted to see More of him which was cut short abruptly! Looking forward for more in chapter 2

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