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Locke & Key 2020 Full Movie Download. This show is an excellent series to watch with the family, and I would say that the rating of 14A is correct on the account of minor swearing, sexual references, scenes of murder, darker scenes etc. For a a comparison they are a little darker than the last couple of Harry Potters, but the plot and story line are not relatable to hp.

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The story line is great, plot twists, scenery, and the music is also stunning and I am looking forward to a stream able soundtrack. Netflix originals are a hit or miss depending on what you like, but I find there is something for everyone in the realm of Netflix OG’s. I would probably categorize this as fantasy, sci-fi, crime mystery. It is an excellent series and my family and I were very much engaged early on in the first episode, and this continued throughout the series. We look forward to a season 2 and hopefully more to follow, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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This show is absolutely amazing, it’s like stranger things and avengers infinity war/endgame in one because it contains mysterious actions happening which is where the stranger things part comes in and there’s also a villain trying to get all the keys but in infinity war/endgame Thanos is trying to get all the stones. The show is really worth watching, I’ve watched the show already 5 times and still eating it again. There are plot twisters and awesome effects and so many dramatic scenes that I couldn’t believe happened. I definitely recommend this especially to kids because it’s awesome.

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This series is on one level fantasy horror which doesn’t stretch the brain too far. It has enough to keep you interested for the whole series with interesting twists and turns. It is good hocum. There are however too many flaws for it to be great like Stranger Things.

The character of Kinsey is troubled at first by her experiences, but when she undergoes a dramatic character change, becomes just unpleasant. I felt sorry for her nice but dim boyfriend Scot who surprisingly sticks with her.
Bode on the other hand, despite being about 10, has a shockingly poor level of adult supervision. He seems left alone in the house all the time, almost forgotten at times by his siblings and able to go off to town at times on a whim. We don’t even learn that he goes to school until fairly late in the series.

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It is also difficult to believe that he has no friends of his own age.
The Mum has been through a traumatic event and despite all this and her being a recovering alcoholic, has no input from social services at all which seems difficult to believe. Her parenting skills are obviously suspect. I can’t understand why she decides to move to key house in the first place when her late husband obviously hated it.

Finally the plot twist at the end was so obviously contrived. It left a lot of plot holes and a fair bit of incredulity on my behalf.
I hope that any second series improves on these factors as the general idea has promise but needs fleshing out better.

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