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“Like a Boss” is hilarious, very entertaining. A story about team work and friendship in the style of Bridesmaids and Girls Trip. Another chick flick for the collection. Super fun and great cast. Salma Hayek was my favorite character she used her accent and personality to give life to an over the top villain. This is definitely good comedy to kick off 2020 has everything you need in a movie to make it memorable and lovable. Without spoiling anything there was a character that comes in the end that totally worth exploring a sequel with, it be soooo awesome.

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This movie was hilarious! Perfect movie to watch when you’re ready to stop being all uptight, prim & proper or while being in an idgaf mood. Perfect amount of heartfelt, cuteness, bitchy and crude. Had me laughing til I cried, progressed to the point of getting the laughing pain in my side and continued throughout laughing til I peed a little!! Definitely recommend!

It was nice to see Rose Byrne do a comedy with Tiffany Haddish. I really enjoy both of them together. It was kinda of odd seeing together like sisters but they had good chemistry.

After hard week of work, I love movies that make me laugh! It did keep me entertained. Both actresses were funny! It was interesting to see Rose Bryne do a comedy and happy she made me laugh !

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I really enjoyed it. It was just what it was intended to do. Make you laugh, escape for a couple of hours with no stress. Just fun. Love Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish and they were great together. We really enjoyed it. Great afternoon out for the girls!

It is an amazing movie comedy gold Rolling stone what da heck is wrong with you Tiffiny Haddish was the best part she is so funny and she can do a lot and put her mind to it also

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