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My presumption is Spencer became Seaplane and Bethany became Awkwafina’s character. At least Martha is still Ruby Roundhouse. You can tell because she held her arms like that .

I substantially more love the old jumamji concept….which everything occur in genuine life…rather than get into the game…its kinda wreck the old feeling…..

Be that as it may, individuals have their own loving so dont judge me….. Jumanji The Next Level Full Movie Download .

Danny DeVito Grandfather’s Eddie Spencer’s granddad well doolin to the following level Spencer The Rock place dr. Bernstein welcome to the wilderness section 2

Spencer is Alex’s Character because if he was a playable Charater he would spawn with the rest of them.but he wouldn’t be there because he was already if the game and it wouldn’t be Bethany because she would be with them if they spawned (It makes more sense if i told you in RL)Show less

Basically this movie is the rock embracing how cool it is to be THE ROCK. The old cast of Jumanji 1 should at least make a cameo (except Robin Williams, rest in piece).

Jumanji The Next Level Full Movie Download link




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