Jamtara Sabka Number Ayega 2020 Full Movie (Season 1) Hindi All Episodes Download 720p

Jamtara Sabka Number Ayega 2020 Full Movie Download. Most of us have heard stories about Jamtara[a small town in India] being a cyber crime hub.Phishing is one of the most prominent crime activity in Jamtara.

It is exciting to know that a phishing story of Jamtara has been adapted into a web series namely-Jamtara:Sabka Number Aayega.The idea of adapting cyber crime stories into web series sounds fascinating on paper and has great potential to have a successful run.But does Jamtara rise up to the occasion.Find out the answer in this review.

Jamtara Sabka Number Ayega Full Movie Download

The series focuses on a group of teenagers who illegally make money via phishing.For those who don’t know,Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as username,password and credit card details for minting money.These teenagers come under the scanner of the police several times but always manage to set free because of the flawed justice system.One of the teens,Sunny is their mastermind.It seems he has an inborn talent for phishing.Everyone trusts him.Rocky,Sunny’s elder brother is seeming jealous of him.

Jamtara Sabka Number Ayega Watch Online Free

Both of them aren’t on good terms due to various reasons.One fine day,Brajesh Bhan,a politician invites all the teens involved in phishing in his house.He offers them a deal stating that he will protect them from the police.In return,they’ll have to share 50 percent of the profit with him.They have no option but to agree because of Bhan’s threatening.

The story takes a turn when new police superintendent Dolly Sahu arrives in the town.She comes with the objective of putting an end to all the phishing activities by collecting substantial evidence against all the people involved so that they don’t set free again.I’m not going to reveal more details about the story as it may spoil your viewing experience.

Jamtara Sabka Number Ayega Hindi Download 720p

The plot is satisfactory but much more could have been added to the story.It only has a couple of storylines which is not apt for a series having multiple characters.Although,I must say that the limited storylines are executed very well.The direction is good.And it is stirring to see the newcomers delivering such an impressive performance.

Jamtara Sabka Number Ayega 2020 Full Movie Download Review

Especially,the performances of Sparse Stradivari Sunny and Ans human Pushcart Rocky were awe-inspiring. Omit Sial Brajesh Bhan is a treat to watch.He is one of the most underrated actors of Bollywood who doesn’t garner much recognition..But I’m sure he will get more recognition now.The screenplay is fast-paced which is a big plus point.

Despite some drawbacks,overall Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega is a well executed series.I reckon it is going to be a huge success for Netflix.I recommend you guys to watch it.You surely won’t regret watching it.

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