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Irresistible 2020 Full Movie Download. The movie is thoroughly entertaining, especially if you enjoy satire. And it’s a political one, and it gets to everyone, right, left, rural, city, young, old, educated and not so much. At all times, you can tell there’s something else going on, but if anyone tells you they knew it all along, I’d take that with a grain of salt. The plot twist at the end that did not disappoint. I do believe that people with strong feelings about any of these issues won’t enjoy it. For everyone else, watch it for a nice movie night.

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I thought it was fantastic. The plot twist at the end revealed how stupid people on the coasts think people in rural America, and how they reacted to it. The way we elect people is truly terrifying. It is different watching it the second time, because you know what the people in Wisconsin are all about in the first place. Steve Car-ell was hilarious. The farmer’s daughter, whose name I can’t remember sorry, was brilliant.

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I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. The critics remind me on a coastal response to what Jon is trying to say. He is talking about the electoral system. I hope his numbers of the first weekend are great, and then I hope he makes an anti-trump film, destroying Trump as he did Glenn Beck on the daily show.
I miss you Jon. Thanks for coming back for a little while.

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This movie contains great messages, excellent casts, and a superb twist.Here’s the cons: I felt that some of the lines are just a bit cheesy, especially the ones on the ending. It was as if the entire message are being condensed on the final reveal, even though it has been repeated indirectly again and again through the acts before that. But it’s a-okay in my opinion. Perhaps Jon felt like he’s running out of time when he’s writing the script or he simply lacks the experience writing a movie.

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Here’s the pros: His interview with Trevor Potter former FEC Chairman at the ending strengthen his point. His portrayal of CNN, Fox, and MSNBC is the best. Not to mention his portrayal of “coastal elites” being out of touch with most of the rural and mid-west American voting base. Unfortunately, Steve C’s chemistry with Rose B seems a bit out of place and even to the point of it being cliche.

Bye the way, I feel like Irresistible 2020 is being underrated by the media throughout the entire critics platform. Which is actually kind of cool.

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